Thursday, February 17, 2011


Tuesday morning Claire woke up at 6:30am, Lillian followed shortly after. This made a rough morning for everyone since it is more then 2 hours earlier then their "normal" wake up time. Well, 6:30 is a long way from their 2pm nap time so I had to do something to help break up the morning and keep them from continuing to shove each other around.
I have secretly been craving cake for a few days now and decided the girls and I needed to do some baking. Hudson was taking a great nap and Lillian and Claire were becoming crabby; it was a perfect time to bake.
Before they came in kitchen, I toke everything I need out, had it measured and ready to go. Both of the girls were so excited when they were able to climb up on the kitchen chairs and see all of the ingredients sitting on the table. They each had a turn pouring in a little bit of the cupcake mix. Yes, I used a mix. It would be way too much work and mess to make them from scratch with the help of toddlers.

Claire poured in the oil and Lillian poured in the water.
They both took turns stirring and did great most of the time waiting for their turn. Of course, as soon as they had to pass the bowl and spoon they right away started asking for it to be there turn again.

There were moments they didn't want to take turns and I thought the bowl might go flying off the able.
I added the eggs and they stirred.

Their favorite part of the cooking, they added the sprinkles.
After the sprinkles were added, I cleaned the girls up and sent them back into the living room so I could make sure the batter was properly mixed, scooped the batter into cupcake tins and let the baking begin. Having the help of two toddlers more then doubled the time it would take me to make the cupcakes, but that was the point and the loved it. Maybe next time we can bake brownies.

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