Friday, February 4, 2011

Gabba Gone

Lately I have posting about all the cute things Claire has been up to and have not been talking too much about Lillian, so here ya go.

Josh took a half day at work today because he was heading out of town to visit a friend. Before he left for his trip he had lunch with us. Well, the girls decided it would be fun to dump all of their Mr. Potato Head parts and their bucket of animals all over the living room floor. Before they could sit down for lunch Josh and I asked them to clean up their toys. Normally they are very good about this when we ask. Well, I had two little girls who were very distracted by a Yo Gabba Gabba episode they have seen at least two dozen times, so Josh turned off the tv. After a little prompting they finally started to clean.
While Lillian was waiting her turn to be put in her high chair she walked up to me, put her index finger to her chin and says, "hmmm." She moves her finger off her chin and raises her hand in the air, "I know!"
I respond, "what do you know?"
"Where Gabba go?"
I remind her the tv was turned off because they were not cleaning.
Again her finger moves to her chin. "Hmmmm. I know!"
"What do you know Lillian?"
She answers me, "Gabba gone!"
This continued on the rest of the day. Where she came up with putting her finger to her chin like she is deep in thought is beyond me, and where she learned to raise her hand and wait to be called is also a mystery.

If she does this again tomorrow I will try to catch it on video, but that is a long shot since they tend to not repeat funny things like that when I want them to. Until then, here are some fun pictures from the last week or so.

With all the snow on the ground, it only seemed right that we had a after lunch snack of snow ice cream. And yes, they are still in their jammies during lunch.
On Tuesday it was too windy and cold to take the girls outside to play in the snow. Instead, I filled a big bowl of snow and let them scoop and play on the kitchen floor. They seemed to have so much fun eating the snow off the giant spoons. I decided it was time to be finished when they decided it was time for a snow fight in the kitchen.

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