Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Peas and Chili

Some days I get really frustrated with the girls when they refuse to eat and throw their food at each other or on the floor. I have to constantly remind myself that they will eat when they are hungry, they are not starving or under weight. I do not need to spoon feed them, because they can do it themselves and they will survive if they don't eat a meal or two.
Lately though, it has become even more frustrating when they refuse to eat even their favorite foods like spaghetti or chicken nuggets. However, the next day they might eat something that I never thought they would and it completely surprises me.
Last week Josh made some taco skillet dish type thing (like my name for the meal) and Claire ate every last bite of hers and even asked for more. Sunday night we made chili to enjoy during the Super Bowl and I was again surprised how both the girls ate all their chili and then some.
Veggies are very hit and miss, some days they will eat everything and some days they will see peas on their plate and with a big smile call them a ball and try bouncing and throwing them.
I am happy I have two very healthy and happy girls, who overall do not have any feeding issues. Many other families are not as lucky as we are when it comes to this issue. This week is actually Feeding Tube Awareness week and I would like to share the blog of my friend Annie. Annie has adorable two and half year old twin boys, Jaxon and Brady. Jax has has a feeding tube of some form since birth and is such a fighter. Please visit Annie's blog to learn more about her family and also to watch a short video to see many other beautiful children who need a tube to get proper nutrition to help them grow and thrive.

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  1. I am so thankful Sammie's eating/weight issues weren't bad enough to need a feeding tube. Weight issues are so scary, I feel for Jaxon and Brady and their family!