Sunday, February 20, 2011

Playing at the Park

What's that? It is February and we went to the park? Yup! The weather has been beautiful and we went to visit the part for the first time since the start of November. It was so fun seeing the girls run and explore in new ways then they did last summer and fall. They are so much more courageous when climbing, swinging and going down the slide.
In the fall, Claire was not at all a fan on the swings. As a matter of fact, she hated them. She would scream as soon as you tried putting her on the swing. Now, all she wanted to do was swing. She had the biggest smile, laughed and said "weeeeeeeee" the whole time she was swinging.
Lillian has developed a love for the slide. After she went down the first time with the help of Daddy, she found a new love. Lillian would go down the slide, run back to the steps, climb, then go down the slide again. She did this at least six times in a row, before she ran on the climber, then came back to the slide.
I can't wait for winter to really be over and we can have more trips to the park.

And just because it is a cute picture...

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