Friday, February 25, 2011

Thnigs that I Love

I love waking up in the mornings hearing Lillian and Claire laughing and playing in their room.

I love when Lillian says, "Mommy, mommy?" I respond, "what do you need, Lillian?" She almost always says, "Mommy, I'm coming!" Most of the time she is right by my side already.

I love when Claire starts pointing to things and telling me what colors the items are.

I love watching my girls dance and hearing them sing.

I love their sweet giggles.

I love seeing them hug and kiss each other.

I love when Lillian puts her hands on my face and says, "cute Mommy."

I love seeing two little girls snuggle with each other.

I love seeing Claire point to letters and numbers and "reads" them.

I love hearing Lillian count to three.

I love those goofy grins.

I love how their imaginations are soaring.

I love when I get home or walk into a room they come running up to hug me.

I love seeing them run down the hall, especially in their jammies.

I love how Claire calls her stuffed animals and penguins Honey.

I love how adventurous they can be.

I love when Lillian gives "check-ups" with their doctor kit.

I love the little girls they are turning into.

I love how sweet and caring they are.

I love that they are mine.

**side note about the photos**
The sunglasses have been packed away for sometime because in the past they have always tried to brake them or flip out when we would try to put them on them. They have recently become obsessed with them.
As you can see, Lillian has undies on over her leggings. I went shopping earlier in the week and picked up some Elmo underwear in the hopes of them becoming more interested in the idea of potty training. Well, as soon as they saw the Elmo undies they loved them and wanted to wear them, so over the pants they went.

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