Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Weekend in STL

This past weekend we headed east to St. Louis to spend some time with family and to celebrate a very special little girl turning 4 and a wonderful grandmas birthday which we wont share her age. We arrived Friday night and Lillian and Claire had so much fun exploring Aunt Jamie's house. They ran back and forth between Kaiden's room and the living room. With each trip they brought out another toy. They stayed up almost two hours past their bed time and you would never have guessed by the mass amounts of energy they had.

After very little sleep Friday night, Lillian woke up every 30 minutes screaming, we had to get get ready for a birthday party Saturday. The girls remembered where all of the toys were at and continued playing as hard as they did the night before.

After not seeing Claire poke her head out of Kaiden's room or hearing a peep from her for far too long, I decided to go check on her and this is what I found.

She snuggled herself up in Kaiden's bed with her pillows and blankets. She even snatched Kaiden's puppy pillow pet that looks exactly like hers. Lillian followed behind me and climbed up on the bed, gave Claire a kiss and said "night night," then went to the other end of the bed and cuddled up.

Seriously, it was the cutest thing!
Next it was lunch time and what follows lunch? Cake! Oh how I love cake. We sang happy birthday to both Kaiden and Grandma and they both had their own special cakes. Naturally, I had to have some of each.

The girls both had a baby cupcake as well.
Lillian was kind enough to share hers with Daddy.
After a lunch and a what is a very long wait for a 4 year old, presents were opened.

Lillian and Claire continued to bring toys out of the bedroom even though the room was already being filled with so many new toys. They both really enjoyed the sit and spin and I was surprised with how quickly they were able to figure it out.

After commotion settled down all the little girls went back to Kaiden's room to continue playing. Claire decided to climb into the dolls pack-n-play and feed the baby.
Dannika was enjoying the Magna Doodle which also was the start of many fights as all the girls wanted to play with it. (Notice the cute Minnie clips? I made those for her)
Saturday after the party was over and the girls were done napping all of us grown ups went out for dinner and drinks while the older cousins were stuck watching the four little ones. Thank you Brennan and Kendall!
Sunday it was time to load up and head home. Neither of the girls took a nap in the car, although Claire did try by putting her coat over her head to get some peace and quiet.

We had a great weekend and once again happy birthday Kaiden and Grandma Pattie.

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