Thursday, March 31, 2011


I mentioned the other day that I just spend last week Wednesday through Sunday morning on a weekend away with around 60 other MoMs (moms of multiples) in Savannah, GA. It was wonderful getting away and taking time to myself and enjoying the company of the women who have given me so much support in the last 2.5 years. We rented 4 large houses, had delicious dinners out, relaxing afternoons and more laughs then I could have imagined. When I arrived Wednesday afternoon, I met two other ladies at the airport and we all jumped in a cab to get to the main house, where a smaller group (20) of us would spend the night. The other ladies would all arrive on Thursday and then some of us went to other houses for the remainder of the days and some would stay at the big house. The "big house" was 5 floors plus a carriage house. I believe there were a total of 10 bedrooms, each with their own bathroom. There was a beautiful kitchen, living room and dining room. This place was stunning. Here is a photo of the back of the house, each floor also had its own balcony. My room Wednesday night was on the forth floor and I had an amazing view out of my window and while standing on the balcony.
Thursday through Sunday I stayed at another historic home. It was perfectly decorated and felt like home. I was lucky enough to share the master suite with another mom of identical girls. We had a lot of down time to relax, explore the city and visit. Savannah is a gorgeous city to walk around and learn the history. One afternoon while walking, myself and another lady came across an old cemetery. Many of the graves here were from the 1820 yellow fever epidemic.

There were so many gorgeous trees and they all had something called Spanish Moss on them. I still do not fully understand how it gets on the trees and why it is there, but I do know that it is not actually a moss at all and those pesky chiggers live in it, so you do not want to touch or you will be miserable.
There are so many beautiful tree lined streets. However, they are not just lined, but the trees arch over the streets, I can only imagine how stunning it looks when all the trees are in full bloom and have all their leaves. There are so many azalea bushes in shades of pink and purple.
Another thing that caught my attention was a pizza and ice cream shop called "Sweet Melissa's." Really, with a name like that how can you go wrong?
You can walk down by the river where there are tons of shops and restaurants.
Another place that was a must see was a delicious cupcake shop called Cupcake Emporium. They had dozens of flavors to choose from and it seriously took me longer to decide on a flavor then to eat the one I chose. After much debate, I settled on chocolate chip cookie dough with a vanilla butter cream frosting.
This stunning building is Savannah's city hall. When it was originally built it was gold leaf on the dome.
This was was sign that hung Moon River Brewing Co. where I had dinner Saturday night.
I didn't take many pictures while there, but I have so many memories that I will hold onto forever.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I didn't realize how much I really missed my girls while I was away until I was able to get them up from their naps and hold them for the first time in days. I feel like they have grown so much and developed so many new words since I have last seen them. After Josh and I finished dinner last night and while waiting for Lillian and Claire to finish up, I decided to take out my camera and look at the few pictures I took in Savannah. As soon as Lillian saw the camera she said "cheeeessseee" with a great big grin and wanted her picture taken. Of course I could not resist and Claire started in as well.

Monday, March 28, 2011


I have been out of town since last week Wednesday morning and now I have to play the catch up game in life. I had the amazing opportunity to spend several days in Savannah, GA with around 60 other MoMs (moms of multiples), I will write another post about my trip soon. Last week before I left we had some beautiful weather in Kansas City and the girls loved getting out to enjoy it. Here are some photos with what a day in our house might look like. One of their new favorite places to hang out is inside their closet. I will often walk in their room to find them laying on the floor under some of their clothes, sitting in there looking at books or playing with a toy. They also like to "hide" in there when it is time for bed or just trying to be silly.
It didn't take long for our book rack to become a ladder for Lillian. She usually does not climb very high and for the most part will come down when I ask. I am not so sure those bars were built with the idea of a toddler climbing them.
Necklaces are big in our house. I bought some cheapo necklaces at the store a few weeks ago and since then they are crazy about them and usually always have at least one around their necks. When we were at the dentist two weeks ago that was the toy they picked out of the basket and added them to their collection.
I finally put together the tricycle they received as a birthday gift (thanks Jennie, Sammie and Brett) to see what they thought of it and how they did riding it. They have been getting so excited lately when they see bikes and motorcycles, although they are called bicycles, and they were equally excited when they saw this. They figured out where to put their feet, but they are not really sure what to do about the peddle motion yet. We are going to have to purchase a second trike so there are no more fights over whose turn it is.

What else do you do on an 80 degree day then have an ice pop? Of course they love those!

Before dinner we went outside to enjoy the warm sun and some fresh air.

I really hope our warm weather returns soon. It snowed yesterday and that was really depressing to come home to after 4 full days of nearly 80 degree weather in Savannah.

Here is a photo of all of us MoMs after a large group lunch on Friday.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First Zoo Trip of 2011

Last week Wednesday I loaded up the girls and we took our first trip of year to the zoo. Last year was fun taking the girls, but this year they loved it even more, I cannot wait to make many more trips this spring, summer and fall. It was spring break around here for many of the area school districts so it was pretty packed, but adding to that, the Africa loop of the zoo was closed. Africa is just over a mile circle that has more then half of the animals in the KC Zoo, really it is the best part, so I as very disappointed to see that it was closed for now. We did get to see a lot of animals, but since the weather here has been so up and down, many animals were still in their winter homes.

Claire has figured out how to get her arms out of the stroller straps so she can lean forward all the way and bounce all around. She did this the whole time walking and looking at the animals.

Other kids were feeding the sheep the pellets you can buy for a quarter, but the sheep must have smelled Lillian and Claire's Cheerios and they wanted them.

We stopped and had a quick lunch, but they were so busy checking out all of the people and wanting to see more animals they didn't eat much.

We're Still Here

Oh my gosh, life is so busy lately. I am not really sure where the last month has gone, it has been so crazy busy around here I feel like I have not had a chance to catch up with anything. We are all doing great around here and enjoying some of the warmer weather when it is around because usually a few days later the temps drop again. This post is sharing some random photos from the past week or two since it has been so long since I have last posted, I have a lot of catching up.

Lillian and Claire are still growing and developing before our eyes. Their language is still taking off and I love all the new words and phrases they say every day. One my my favorites is when Lillian will say, out of nowhere, "I love you." It melts my heart every single time, especially when she says it without being prompted. Claire has been so lovey and sweet lately. I love when she gazes up at me with those beautiful blue eyes and shares a great big smile. Lillian has been so much better about the hair pulling and bullying, let's hope it doesn't return.

I made this tutu for a friend's little girl who is about to turn two. I am so happy with all the bright colors and how playful it is. The girls are also obsessed with it after I have let them try it on for size. Lately, you can pretty much guarantee that Lillian will have a necklace and her little plastic bracelet. She usually puts them on as soon as she wakes up in the morning and it is on all day long.
We have also been all about forts in the house the past week. They love hanging out in the dark fort with their flashlights or reading in them when the lights are on. They have always loved having their own special cozy spots.

Giggle girls!
My silly Lillian.
Claire in her first big girl pony. I cannot get over how grown up she looks with all of her hair pulled up and off of her face.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Peanut Butter Cup

A few nights a week we let the girls have something small for dessert. Some nights they might split a cookie, have a small scoop of ice cream, or something else delicious. They don't get these special treats every night and it always something small.
The other night they each had a mini peanut butter cup. Claire checked it out then popped it in her mouth and gobbled it up. Lillian, on the other hand, holds the chocolate in her hand, licks it, nibbles it and lets it melt all over her hands and face.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Climber

A few weeks ago we bought a new climber, well new to us, we bought it used. We really did not want to spend the money to buy one brand new when we could find one just as great for half the price, so that is what we did.
The climber sat in the garage for about a week because the weather was either too cold, snowy or raining. Finally we had a few nice days so we moved it to the yard. After lots of pushing, pounding, standing and wiggling, we finally had all the pieces put together and it was ready for play. During the time Josh and I were working on putting it together, it was complete torture on the girls. They saw the slide part laying on the ground and they kept saying, "oh no, slide!" They tried to help us lift and move around the pieces, probably because we were not moving fast enough for their liking.
Once the climber was completely put together, Lillian and Claire got so excited and quickly ran to test it out. They are still a little short to climb up on landing without a little assistance, so I was lifting them up and then we brought out a little step stool we had inside the house. They still had troubles with the stool, but quickly they figured out what to grab onto and where to push off with their feet to wiggle up on their own.
Claire is funny because she feels the need to brush off any dirt or leaves that are on the stool before using it, so each turn she brushes before she climbs. For probably 30 minutes they climbed, slid, ran, repeat. They were so mad when they had to come inside for dinner. Now every time we put on shoes to go some place they want to play outside instead. They will even ask for to wear their hats and then ask to go outside once they have their hats on.