Monday, March 28, 2011


I have been out of town since last week Wednesday morning and now I have to play the catch up game in life. I had the amazing opportunity to spend several days in Savannah, GA with around 60 other MoMs (moms of multiples), I will write another post about my trip soon. Last week before I left we had some beautiful weather in Kansas City and the girls loved getting out to enjoy it. Here are some photos with what a day in our house might look like. One of their new favorite places to hang out is inside their closet. I will often walk in their room to find them laying on the floor under some of their clothes, sitting in there looking at books or playing with a toy. They also like to "hide" in there when it is time for bed or just trying to be silly.
It didn't take long for our book rack to become a ladder for Lillian. She usually does not climb very high and for the most part will come down when I ask. I am not so sure those bars were built with the idea of a toddler climbing them.
Necklaces are big in our house. I bought some cheapo necklaces at the store a few weeks ago and since then they are crazy about them and usually always have at least one around their necks. When we were at the dentist two weeks ago that was the toy they picked out of the basket and added them to their collection.
I finally put together the tricycle they received as a birthday gift (thanks Jennie, Sammie and Brett) to see what they thought of it and how they did riding it. They have been getting so excited lately when they see bikes and motorcycles, although they are called bicycles, and they were equally excited when they saw this. They figured out where to put their feet, but they are not really sure what to do about the peddle motion yet. We are going to have to purchase a second trike so there are no more fights over whose turn it is.

What else do you do on an 80 degree day then have an ice pop? Of course they love those!

Before dinner we went outside to enjoy the warm sun and some fresh air.

I really hope our warm weather returns soon. It snowed yesterday and that was really depressing to come home to after 4 full days of nearly 80 degree weather in Savannah.

Here is a photo of all of us MoMs after a large group lunch on Friday.

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  1. So glad they like the trike - but next time we will buy two of whatever we gift them so there are no more fights! :)