Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Shades

After 5 months of being spoiled by having Josh home every weekend with us, we are now back to the reality of him working weekends again. Since we are stuck at home during the week, the girls and I went out bumming around this morning. We had a mission of finding new sunglasses for the girls since their old ones were snug on their faces and Claire accidentally snapped the arm off of hers.
This morning we loaded in the car and drove over to the local shopping area. We parked the car at one end of the strip and walked toward the other end. We made a stop in front of Petco where they were having animal adoptions and the girls were so excited to see the dogs. They kept saying, "silly puppy." We then made our way into Target. After wandering and checking everything out, we finally found the sunglasses. I let Lillian and Claire pick out the ones they wanted and they were so excited! We checked out and then headed to the customer service counter so they could cut the tags and we were on our way. It was very cloudy this morning, but that didn't stop them from wearing their new shades while making the trek back to the car. They sure did get a lot of attention.

Lillian picked out the light pink glasses and Claire has the bright pink with sparkles.

After we got home, I made some lunch and then we headed out side. Josh was able to make it home long enough to have a quick bit to eat and spend a few minutes outside with us.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Last weekend we went to a birthday party for a friends little girl who turned 2. Lillian and Claire had so much fun being busy little bees at the party. They ran around playing with all the toys and seeing which strangers would pick them up and play with them. They enjoyed the snacks, especially the strawberries. Before leaving they were handed their party favors, a bucket of sidewalk chalk. They loved carrying their bucket to the car and checking them out on the ride home. I was just as excited about this gift, because I have been wanting to pick up some chalk for them, but never remember when we are at the store.
Tuesday evening we went for a walk and after returning home, grabbed their chalk and showed them what it was. They both were so excited to be able to color on the driveway and made a beautiful creation. I expect to spend many more days in the driveway this spring and summer coloring. I was also very happy with how well they did staying in the driveway, not even once did they try running towards the street like they would have done last summer and fall.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Dress Drama

I had made some adorable dresses for the girls to wear on Easter. I have tried several times over the last week or so to try them on for size. Each time, both girls bawled, wiggled, screamed and fought if I came anywhere near them with the dress. One afternoon we took off Claire's shirt to try the dress on. Lillian came over and tried to put it back on while crying for Claire. I am not sure what is is, but they refused. I decided that it was not worth the fight on Easter morning, so we went with dresses they wore last summer. Paired with tights and a sweater, they looked perfect for our chilly Easter Sunday. 
I tried taking some photos of the girls, but they did not want to cooperate very much. Actually, Claire wasn't so bad, it was Lillian who did not want her picture taken.

The Easter Bunny did not bring any candy to our house Sunday morning, but he did bring a golf set, little stuffed puppies with bunny ears (Lillian's new favorite), and a few other little items.

 This was my attempt to get a decent photo, Lillian was being a turkey while Claire was a ham.
 Lillian decided it was necessary to look pained and make sounds like we were torturing her.

 We even tried to bribe with candy, but she still would not budge.
 I asked them to hug each other, Claire was more then willing, Lillian again put up a fight.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Lillian and Claire have always been afraid of elevators, at least for as long as I can remember. They have always started to whine the second we step foot through the doors and many times there are also tears. A few weeks ago we went to Branson for the weekend and after many elevator trips to get from our room to the ground level, they overcame this fear.
Last week they started spending a lot of time standing inside their closet. Claire kept asking me to go in the "ellie" and I had no idea what she was talking about. Finally after changing her one morning, she asked again and pointed to the closet, it all came together. They have been pretending their closet is an elevator. They push on the small screws as buttons and they let us know when it is safe to step off.

 Well, the cat got it again. The girls were supposed to be taking a nap the other afternoon, instead they gutted one of their stuffed cats, again. I asked each of them who did it and they both said, "not me." I asked again and they blamed Josh for it.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! We celebrated Easter on Saturday with some of Josh's family at our house. The little had an egg "hunt" in the backyard and they all seemed to have a blast trying to see how many eggs they could fit in their baskets. Of course, many eggs were over thrown and went right out the other side of the basket, fell out when running along, or dumped out when bending over. I guess, that is what happens when you have yard full of 2 year olds.

 When Lillian decided she was finished collecting eggs, she ran and set her basket down behind the tree and then went off to play.
 After 15 minutes or so, they all decided to call it quits and time to play. The yard was still littered with brightly colored plastic eggs, so the adults had to behind their hunt.
The weather was a little cool and the skies were great, but it is always nice being able to get together with family and enjoy every ones company.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Playing Around

Because nothing is as fun as getting down on the floor to crawl around and play with your kids. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Clean Up

The other afternoon Lillian came running out of their room carrying a half empty bag of diapers. She said, "I clean up mommy!" She was so proud and went running back to their room to find Claire.
I followed the giggles down the hallway and find the girls stuffing diapers into the top drawer of their dresser where we keep a stash of diapers. They were both excited that they found a pack of diapers in their closet and were able to help put them away for me.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Weekend in Branson

Last weekend we headed down to Branson with my dad and Sandy. We were only there for a short time, but we had a great time on our minication. Of course, like any road trip we take, Claire got car sick. She did great the first 2 hours of the drive and that last hour was rough on her tummy. I am sure all the hills once you are on the Ozarks didn't help her. We were lucky enough to stay at a wonderful resort where Sandy found a great condo for us all to stay. On the resort there were a few playgrounds for kids and since we had some of the only kids there last weekend, we didn't have to share the playground. The girls loved it! Saturday we went to downtown Branson and walked around the shopping area and along the river. There were several large fountains, which really caught the girls attention. It was 80 plus degrees outside that day, so a little water spray felt nice.

As we walked along the river, the girls liked peeking through the fence down at the water and spotting rocks.

There was a large fountain pool along the river. At noon they had a water show while The National Anthem played. While waiting for it to start, the girls found a manhole cover that had a puddle of water from the storms the night before. They had a blast splashing the puddle dry. (If it works, there is a video at the bottom of the post)
We did lots of walking that day and Lillian and Claire were such troopers for having to walk it all in the heat. There were some times they wanted to be carried, but we were impressed by how well they behaved.
Saturday evening we went to the activities center on the resort of their ice cream social. Each of the girls had their own sundae and picked out what they wanted on their ice cream. They settled on sprinkles and chocolate sauce. I wish I would have brought my camera along for that, because they looked adorable sitting in their own chairs and chowing down on their sundaes.

On Sunday before we left, we headed to the fish hatchery. At this hatchery, they breed trout to stock a local lake. There were thousands and thousands of trout, it was just amazing to see that many fish.

Inside the building, they have a holding tank for some of the largest trout I have ever seen. The had step stools so the girls could climb up and be eye to eye with these massive fish.

Outside is where they had the dozens and dozens of wells which hold the growing trout. We bought some of the fish food and the girls were able to toss it in the wells and watch the fish go in a feeding frenzy. There was some giggles going on when the fish were splashing all around trying to get the food.