Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Bedroom Window

The girls have a new favorite hangout place, their bedroom window. They find diaper or wipe boxes in their room, empty or full it doesn't matter, and they push them up to the window and keep an eye out on the neighborhood. If they are in their room and it becomes quiet, I can count on them standing by that window.

 The other morning Josh was in the kitchen, I was in the living room with Lillian and Claire was in their room. She was quiet and then she wasn't. I heard her yelling, "Daddy. Help me." I could tell by the way she was saying it, she wasn't hurt or in any danger, so I let Josh know she was calling him. Josh walks back to their room with Lillian following him and he called for me to bring the camera. Well, that is never a good sign because that means she is up to no good.
This is what I see when I walk in their room, Claire standing on the window ledge. I have no idea how how she wiggled her way up there and she has not done it again, but she sure was proud of herself. The reason she was asking for help was because she didn't know how to get back down.