Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Go Night Night

Both of the girls speech is rapidly expanding. Claire talks all the time, as in, she never stops. However, with her constant chatting you can't always understand what she is saying. When I am not sure what exactly it is she is saying, I will ask her to repeat it in the hopes I can break it down and figure it out. Sometimes I can and sometimes I can't, but she always repeats it perfectly. I even on occasion as Lillian for help, but Lillian just repeats the exact same sounds Claire makes. So while Claire talks all the time, I would say roughly 70 percent of it I understand.
Lillian on the other hand will talk, but not nonstop like Claire. She is more of an observer and takes things in by listening and watching. She is very much like me in this case. When she gets in the mood she will talk a lot, but much of her language is understandable, at least by me. I think I can understand closer to 80 percent of what Lillian says. Of course now that I say all this, tomorrow they will talk gibberish to me.
There are days lately when my loud Claire likes to talk and play after being put in her crib at nap time or bed time. It seems these are also the days that Lillian is very tired and just wants to go to sleep instead of play. On these days I hear Lillian shouting, "go night, night! Go night, night Sissy!" This always makes me laugh so hard, especially because most days Lillian is begging and pleading with Claire.

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  1. That is adorable!! I love the Go Night Night Sissy! So sweet!!