Monday, May 23, 2011

Kitchen Helpers

Lillian and Claire have always loved going to the grocery store. I think it has something to do with driving around in a race car shopping cart and getting a cookie from the bakery each trip. They always get so much attention from other customers shopping, you know, since they are so stinking cute. The girls like being able to have something special to hold in the cart and love being able to help pick out snacks or other items. Their new favorite part of the grocery day though is when we get home and it is time to put the food away. They always want to help me take everything out of the bags and put it in the fridge or in the pantry. They usually get the job of putting the fruit away and boxes in the pantry. There have been a few times I have had to take a box of noodles out of the fridge or frozen waffled and veggies out of the pantry. Everything is always piled on the bottom shelves, but they take so much pride in being able to help and I won't turn them down. 


  1. Dang, you're so lucky. Landon always acts up when we go to the grocery store. He's just not patient enough. I'm a slow shopper :)

  2. Sammie loves helping put things away - she usually takes a bite out of the apples every time so we have to watch those! :)

    Such big helper's your girls are!