Monday, May 2, 2011

Potty Time

The girls have really warmed up to sitting on their potty chairs again. There were several weeks that they flat our refused to go anywhere near them and we still have some days like that, but lately they are doing great. We are not doing any serious potty training right now, but just letting them try every now and then and see what happens.
Friday night they did great! We were getting them ready for bed and asked if they wanted to sit down on their potty chairs. Claire said yes, Lillian flipped out. Claire went and sat right down, Lillian threw a fit. Finally after standing around around with a bare bottom for five minutes, Lillian went and sat down and peed right away. She had a giant smile on her face and was so proud. We went to the bathroom and dumped the pee in the toilet, then I let her flush. After wiping out the chair, she sat back down and did it again and again. She peed three times in a row! Claire peed once and was so proud as well. They loved being able to dump and flush.
Saturday they both refused to sit down. Sunday, however, they did the same thing as Friday. They both peed several times so they could flush. They were so proud of themselves and called themselves "big girls" for using the potty chair.
This morning they both were excited about sitting down and again, Lillian peed twice and was eager to flush. Claire must have not had anything left in her, because as hard as she tried, she couldn't go, but she wanted so badly a turn to flush the toilet.
I am excited on how far they have come and hopefully this is the start of a great new beginning. We are going to keep up with having them try, but not push things yet.

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