Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Today is my birthday! I love my birthday. I get so excited about it every single year,  and a huge part of the reason I get so excited is because I get to share this special day with my Dad. You see, 28 years ago, my Dad received the best birthday gift ever, ME! :-) Each year we would share our birthday cake, even if it is a Care Bear cake, it was still special. Ever year on our birthday, we would also take a photo of just the two of us. I love you Dad! 

Here are a few of our special birthday photos from over the years.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day Four - Potty Training

Today sort of started out a bust. We had the girls in diapers all morning, but to be able to take them to Deanna Rose Farmstead and see the excitement on their faces was worth it. We have been talking about going to see the animals for a few days now and the have been talking nonstop about them. They were also very excited for Aunt Maggie to join us and have been asking constantly to see her.
Our first stop was the baby goats. They were so cute and once you have a bottle of milk in your hands they swarm. Josh bought a bottle for both Lillian and Claire. They giggled watching the goats fight each other for a drink.

It was great being able to let the girls do more walking then being pushed in the stroller. They loved the freedom and they did such a great job following directions and staying close.

After Deanna Rose we went for lunch and Noodles & Co. always a yummy treat, then had to make a stop at the bank to take care of some business. The girls did great, but eventually got to the point where they were ready to leave, which made ready to leave. :-)  
When we returned home they both went potty on their potty chair and it was time for naps. We spent the rest of the evening at home in underwear. Claire ran into their room and was really quiet. Josh went in to check on her and she pooped in her undies. This is the first since we started training on Saturday and we knew at some point it was bound to happen, however that was her only accident for the night. She managed to stay dry through dinner and while we were outside playing.
Lillian had a few accidents this afternoon. The first was before dinner. The second was while we were outside playing, but that was because she refused to go before went out and after she had about 5 oz of water with snack and another 6 oz of milk with dinner. She did however have her first poop in the potty chair tonight. She was so excited and Claire was also excited for her. It is so funny hearing everyone cheer over something so gross.

I am sure many of you are getting sick of all the pee and poop talk, so you might as well gear up for at least one or two more days of talk and then I will move onto something else. I promise.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day Three - Potty Training

Day three... Well, day three wasn't a full day because we had to go out of the house a few times and I am not brave enough to take them in their undies yet, so they had to wear diapers both for the first part of the morning and again for about an hour this evening.
Josh and I went to go work out, we can only go so many days without going, before you start to feel the blah. The girls were in diapers for our hour class at the community center. After our class ended we picked them up and took them swimming there. T
They love it! Lillian finally braved the little frog slide in the kids pool and she was hooked. Luckily, there was only us and one other family there at the time so she was able to go time and time again down this slide and splash down into the shallow pool.
As soon as we arrived back at home, they were straight back into their underwear. They stayed accident free the rest of the morning and through lunch. Lillian had an accident though right before nap time. After nap, and I use that term loosely since neither of them slept, they were back in underwear and kept them dry until we left the house for about an hour to visit Grandma and Grandpa.
Grandma Pattie has been in the hospital since Friday morning and was finally sprung this afternoon, so we went to visit. She is feeling better and they girls were so happy to see her back home. They have been so worried and constantly saying since Friday morning, "Grandma okay," "Grandma in hospital." Seeing her back at home, they ran right up and gave lots of snuggles.
Again, as soon as we got back home, the diapers went away and undies were back on. They kept dry though dinner and the rest of the evening. Around 7:30 though, only 30 minutes before bed time, they both had an accident, they did finish on the potty chair.
They really are doing wonderful and I am so proud of how well they are doing. I wish we didn't have to put them in diapers for outings, but we would all go crazy if we stayed couped up in the house all day every day until they were 100 percent trained.  Maybe later in the week, we will brave it and take them out for short trips in undies.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Day Two - Potty Training

Sunday was day two of potty training. Again, it had its ups and downs like day one, but overall the girls are doing great! In the morning, the girls were much more willing to go right into their undies and be big girls. They did not beg for diapers again. The first part of the morning went well, no accidents for the first two hours. They had a small snack and a sippy with water. After drinking roughly 6 oz of water we had a few accidents the hour before lunch. Lillian had two and Claire had three. They did finish on the potty chair, so that is a plus. Both Lillian and Claire stayed dry though lunch and stayed accident free until nap time. We have been telling them that diapers are only for when they are sleeping, the rest of the day they are big girls in undies.
After nap time they were excited to put their undies back on and stayed dry the rest of the evening. While eating dinner, Lillian told us she had to go potty, so I quickly got her out of her and she sat down on the potty chair and went potty. Once she was done, she was ready to eat again.
We had to run to the grocery store in the evening to pick a few items up, so unfortunately, they had to put on diapers. I am not to the point where I trust taking them out of the house in undies. Lillian did not want to take her undies off, so we just put her diaper on over them. They were great in the store, they always draw attention of other customers, which slows us down, but we are used to it now.
On the way home, Lillian told us she needed to go potty and we were only about half a mile from the house. As soon as we got home, we rushed up stairs and sat down on the potty chair. She did have a slightly wet undies, but that was to be expected. It did seem like she saved most of her urine for the potty chair, because she went in full force. Claire also had a wet diaper. Both girls kept their undies dry the rest of the evening, except for a little whoops on Lillian's part right before bed. She had to go potty, so she ran to sit down, but she forgot to pull her undies down. Whoops. Claire had another big poop on the potty last night. This is the second night in a row. I am so glad she doesn't have the fear of pooping without a diaper. Lillian tried, but just couldn't do it.
I would call day two another success.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day One - Potty Training

For months now, I had been having the girls sit down on the potty chair with each diaper change and on occasion they want to wear undies. I decided that since it would be to hot outside this weekend to do anything and since Josh would be working this weekend, it would be the perfect opportunity to start potty training a little more seriously. Potty training two toddlers is a lot like having a puppy in the house again. You always have to keep a close eye on them and you have plenty of accidents to clean up.
Yesterday morning started with a protest. I had two little girls, who did not want to give up their jammies and the comfort of their diapers or undies. It took a few minutes, but they finally gave in. They managed to be accident free for the first two hours of the day they were awake. Around 11am, Lillian had an accident, but was upset by it and finished on the potty chair. Claire also had a very small accident, her undies were barely wet and she also finished on the potty chair. They stayed dry though lunch, but Lillian had two more small accidents before their 2pm nap time. This left Lillian with a grand total of three accidents in the morning and Claire one. Not bad.
After they woke up from nap, we did put them in a diaper, which they were not happy about, so they had their undies over their diaper. We only did this because we went to go visit Grandma Pattie in the hospital. After we got home, back into undies they went. We went all afternoon and evening accident free. I am so proud of them!
What made it all even better... All four of us were in the girls room getting their things together for a bath. Well, Claire ran out of the room and into the living room. She was in there and started to yell, "I went poopy!" Josh and I looked at each other with worry of where she decided to do this. Turns out she went and sat down on the potty chair and did what she needed to there. She was so excited, Lillian was excited for her sister and Josh and I were excited as well.
The total for the day, Lillian three accidents, Claire 1 accident and 1 poop.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wake Up!

These pictures are all from a few days ago when the girls woke up. They were in such a happy and goofy mood when I walked in their room. 

Claire the hoarder
Lillian was jumping around, holding her foot, saying "owe, owe, owe" while laughing and then fell down. She did it over and over. Claire even joined in on the fun.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mommy, I'm Wet

The last few days the weather has been gorgous here. I am talking high of 80 and the mornings are upper 60's or low 70's, just perfect! Since it has been so beautiful, we have been spending a lot more time outside and my red shoulders and increase in freckles proves it. We bought a new pool for the girls since their tiny baby pool just wouldn't cut it for a third summer. Yesterday morning the girls tested it out for the first time. They were so excited when they saw it. 

In the video, my favorite parts are when Lillian panics that she got wet and when Claire gets attacked by the hose. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All You Need is Love

Lillian and Claire have been very lovey with each other lately and I love it! At random times, they will start hugging each other and saying, "I love you. I love me. I love you. I love me." Hearing them say this had left me confused. Where in the world were they getting the "I love me" from? The other day it finally clicked.
Since school is out for the summer and older kids are home during the day, Nickelodeon and The Disney Channel no longer play their regular programming of Mickey, Dora, and the other shows the girls enjoy. Instead they are playing cartoons geared towards slightly older children that I do not like the girls watching, like Sponge Bob. Because of this PBS has been on during the mornings, you know, Sesame Street, Clifford, Caillou and of course Barney. See, at the end of Barney they sing a sweet but annoying song, "I love you, you love me..." and this is where they got it from.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hello Summer

Today is the first official day of summer and what does that mean?


and swimming!

We bought our first watermelon of the season last week and when I cut through the center, it smelled heavenly. I have been waiting for a delicious watermelon since summer ended last year! The girls always have juice running down their arms and dripping off their elbows when they eat it. It soaks their shirt and turns their chins pink. We love it!
Last week I also took the girls for a play date at my friend, Sheri's house. After some playing around inside, we headed out to the yard and enjoyed her pool (photos above). We also took them over the weekend to our local community center swimming. They love being in the water. Claire has no fear of the water and goes right in. Lillian took a bit to warm up to Sheri's pool. She sat on the steps and slowly went from just getting her toes wet to coming all the way in. It was the same way at the community center. Claire ran right into the water (beach entry in kids pool). Lillian walked around the pool deck for a few minutes before walking to the edge. I think she was unsure of all the kids, the sprayers, dump buckets, waterfalls and everything else. She was so excited and ready to get in the big lap pool though.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Joshua! You are an amazing husband and father and I couldn't imagine doing this all without you right by my side.
Not all Dads come home from work each day excited and ready to play with their children. You do. Not all Dads will get down on the floor and act all goofy just to hear toddler giggles. You do. Many men don't make the time to take their daughters on special one on one dates. You do. Many Dads wouldn't read the same book over and over again, just because it is their child's favorite. You do. Most men wouldn't attempt to comb their daughters hair, but you do and you even put in piggy tails.
Thank you for all that you do and all the love and support you offer not only our beautiful daughters, but me. We love you!

Before church this morning we tried to get a special Father's Day photo of Josh with the girls, they wanted nothing to do with it. Oh well, you can't force smiles.

 After church today, we headed over my Grandpa Jim and Grandma Pattie's house for a cook out with Aunt Maggie. The girls sure take after their mama and went right for the veggie tray!

I also want to send a very happy father's day to my Dad. Thank you for all of your love and support over the last almost 28 years. You have been there for us whenever we needed you. My heart aches that we don't get to see each other more often, but I love being able to make the most of the time we do spend together. August is too far away! I love you dad!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Buckets of Water

This video is about a week and a half old, but blogger is giving me trouble each time I try to upload it. Hopefully, this time it works.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weekend Outside

Last weekend of friend, Justin, came to visit us with his son, our godson, Levi. Levi is 1 year and a few days older then the girls. We don't get the chance to see them often, but it is always so much fun watching the kids play together when we do.
They arrived at our house Friday afternoon. After dinner we played outside and all the kids had a blast. Lillian fought going to sleep that night, she was up crying, "play with my Levi." Finally after multiple trips in to remind her that he will be there in the morning and they will play then, she fell asleep. 
Saturday we loaded up and headed out to McCoy Spray Park in Independence. It is part of the Independence Parks and Rec and is a regular park with a playground, picnic table and lots of green space, but it also has a spray park. Claire was so excited and ran right into the water and never stopped. She had no fear when it came to the bigger kids running around or buckets of water that would dump on her head. Lillian, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with the water. Instead she found a little island with plants and flowers, she ran around the entire time.  

We took a break from the running and playing to have a small picnic lunch. Of course, it was difficult to get any food in these three when all the wanted to do was play. After lunch, they ran for another 30 minutes or so and then we headed home for naps.
After naps, we cooked up some take and bake pizzas and had a pizza party. We then loaded up and headed to Legacy Park by our house to let the kiddos run and wear themselves out some more. They again, seemed to have so much fun running, sliding, climbing and being wild.

We had a great weekend. Thank you Justin and Levi for coming to spend some time with us. Lillian and Claire keep asking all the time to go "play with my Levi" or " play at Levi's house." Guess we need to plan a trip to visit. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Lillian and Claire have recently discovered stickers. They love them. They get so excited when they get to pick one out. We have had stickers in the house for a long time, most of them were from when I was teaching, so they are left overs that I bought for my classroom. However, previously, they could have cared less about them.
Stickers are a wonderful thing, but it is tough on little ones when they get lost, loose the stickiness of them from coming on and off them so often or have to end up in the garbage at the end of the day. I decided to let the girls each pick out a piece of scrapbook paper and hang them up on the side of their dresser. These papers are now the home for all their stickers. They get so excited to add new stickers to their collection and to be able to stand and check them all out. I love not finding them all over the house.