Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day One - Potty Training

For months now, I had been having the girls sit down on the potty chair with each diaper change and on occasion they want to wear undies. I decided that since it would be to hot outside this weekend to do anything and since Josh would be working this weekend, it would be the perfect opportunity to start potty training a little more seriously. Potty training two toddlers is a lot like having a puppy in the house again. You always have to keep a close eye on them and you have plenty of accidents to clean up.
Yesterday morning started with a protest. I had two little girls, who did not want to give up their jammies and the comfort of their diapers or undies. It took a few minutes, but they finally gave in. They managed to be accident free for the first two hours of the day they were awake. Around 11am, Lillian had an accident, but was upset by it and finished on the potty chair. Claire also had a very small accident, her undies were barely wet and she also finished on the potty chair. They stayed dry though lunch, but Lillian had two more small accidents before their 2pm nap time. This left Lillian with a grand total of three accidents in the morning and Claire one. Not bad.
After they woke up from nap, we did put them in a diaper, which they were not happy about, so they had their undies over their diaper. We only did this because we went to go visit Grandma Pattie in the hospital. After we got home, back into undies they went. We went all afternoon and evening accident free. I am so proud of them!
What made it all even better... All four of us were in the girls room getting their things together for a bath. Well, Claire ran out of the room and into the living room. She was in there and started to yell, "I went poopy!" Josh and I looked at each other with worry of where she decided to do this. Turns out she went and sat down on the potty chair and did what she needed to there. She was so excited, Lillian was excited for her sister and Josh and I were excited as well.
The total for the day, Lillian three accidents, Claire 1 accident and 1 poop.


  1. I am really hoping Sammie decides to actually go in her potty again. She has not been a big fan of it lately.

    Congrats on a great day of potty training for the girls!!! :)

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