Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day Three - Potty Training

Day three... Well, day three wasn't a full day because we had to go out of the house a few times and I am not brave enough to take them in their undies yet, so they had to wear diapers both for the first part of the morning and again for about an hour this evening.
Josh and I went to go work out, we can only go so many days without going, before you start to feel the blah. The girls were in diapers for our hour class at the community center. After our class ended we picked them up and took them swimming there. T
They love it! Lillian finally braved the little frog slide in the kids pool and she was hooked. Luckily, there was only us and one other family there at the time so she was able to go time and time again down this slide and splash down into the shallow pool.
As soon as we arrived back at home, they were straight back into their underwear. They stayed accident free the rest of the morning and through lunch. Lillian had an accident though right before nap time. After nap, and I use that term loosely since neither of them slept, they were back in underwear and kept them dry until we left the house for about an hour to visit Grandma and Grandpa.
Grandma Pattie has been in the hospital since Friday morning and was finally sprung this afternoon, so we went to visit. She is feeling better and they girls were so happy to see her back home. They have been so worried and constantly saying since Friday morning, "Grandma okay," "Grandma in hospital." Seeing her back at home, they ran right up and gave lots of snuggles.
Again, as soon as we got back home, the diapers went away and undies were back on. They kept dry though dinner and the rest of the evening. Around 7:30 though, only 30 minutes before bed time, they both had an accident, they did finish on the potty chair.
They really are doing wonderful and I am so proud of how well they are doing. I wish we didn't have to put them in diapers for outings, but we would all go crazy if we stayed couped up in the house all day every day until they were 100 percent trained.  Maybe later in the week, we will brave it and take them out for short trips in undies.

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