Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hello Summer

Today is the first official day of summer and what does that mean?


and swimming!

We bought our first watermelon of the season last week and when I cut through the center, it smelled heavenly. I have been waiting for a delicious watermelon since summer ended last year! The girls always have juice running down their arms and dripping off their elbows when they eat it. It soaks their shirt and turns their chins pink. We love it!
Last week I also took the girls for a play date at my friend, Sheri's house. After some playing around inside, we headed out to the yard and enjoyed her pool (photos above). We also took them over the weekend to our local community center swimming. They love being in the water. Claire has no fear of the water and goes right in. Lillian took a bit to warm up to Sheri's pool. She sat on the steps and slowly went from just getting her toes wet to coming all the way in. It was the same way at the community center. Claire ran right into the water (beach entry in kids pool). Lillian walked around the pool deck for a few minutes before walking to the edge. I think she was unsure of all the kids, the sprayers, dump buckets, waterfalls and everything else. She was so excited and ready to get in the big lap pool though.

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  1. yay for watermelon! my favorite part of summer, for sure. mmmm.