Sunday, June 5, 2011


Friday morning Lillian woke up with a slight fever, nothing too high, it stuck around 99.8 most of the day. She felt miserable though all day and Claire was feeding off that and took advantage. Anything she could do to annoy Lillian, she did. Saturday, Lillian woke up grumpy and again a very low fever, but did fine the rest of the day.
Sunday, Claire woke up and was running that same 99.8 fever. Luckily, Lillian was feeling better. After an afternoon nap, Claire woke up and her fever spiked to 101.4. Still not crazy high, but she was inconsolable and was not herself, so I gave her some Tylenol. She did not want to eat dinner, but after a popsicle she was acting like herself again. I am hoping tomorrow everyone will be happy and healthy.

On a side note, Josh has been out of town for work since early Friday morning and was supposed to return Wednesday, but he surprised us and came home this morning. They were told last night that they were no longer needed and they could head home. It was a great surprise, we all missed him.

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