Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beating the Heat

Since we haven't had any rain for weeks, our lawn is taking a hit. The other evening before dinner I set the sprinkler up in the yard. The girls got so excited and all through dinner kept asking to play outside in the sprinkler. I knew they would wuss out and not want to go any where near it, but agreed. After dinner, both of the girls were so excited and stripped down instantly ready to go play.
Once we got outside, neither of them would even leave the deck until I turned the sprinkler down. Even then, they did not go anywhere near it. Claire tried to brave it a few times, but once the droplets touched her, she ran in the opposite direction. Lillian avoided the water all together.
Finally, I unhooked the sprinkler since I needed to water the garden and suddenly the girls became very interested in the hose. Same with Leia. They all swarmed me and wanted a turn spraying with the hose. I showed them how to squeeze the handle and let them have fun. They sprayed the plants, Leia, the grass, but the best part was when they would spray each other. Claire, of course, thought it was funny and didn't mind so much if Lillian got her wet. Lillian, on the other hand, flipped out in her usually prissy way when her hair gets wet. They did a great job taking turns spraying, but the cherry that topped the whole evening was when Claire squeezed the handle on the sprayer and sprayed herself right in the face. 

These 100 degree days are really getting old and hopefully some relief is in sight.

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