Sunday, August 7, 2011

Welcome to our Home

I would like to welcome band aids into our home. After two and a half years, the girls have finally been introduced to those magical sticky things that take all the boo boos away.
Sure, they have had them before, but they were always when they received vaccinations at the doctors office, never at home. Also, they have not had any shots since last fall when they received their flu shots, so they don't really remember getting them since they were still pretty young. About two weeks ago, I made the mistake of putting one on a bug bite Claire had been scratching nonstop on the back of her neck. The thing would never have the chance to heal with the way she picked at it. I pulled out some fun character band aids and let her pick one out. Claire went with Elmo. Lillian of course insisted she needed one was well and wanted hers on the back of her neck just like Claire, she picked out Nemo. I went with it because it was not worth her throwing a fit over.
Now whenever they have any sort of mark on them, even if it is just a indention on their skin from their clothes, they want a band aid. We, of course, don't give in for everything, just when there is an actual scrape or marking. Alright, I lied. There have been a few times we have given them a band aid to put on a bruise or just because, but not nearly as often as they ask for them.
It's funny though, they always need to have them in the same place. If Claire has one on her knee, then Lillian needs one on her knee as well. Same goes when Lillian has one on her arm or wherever. You get the picture. They always want to be just like their sister.

 Yup, those are Transformers on their knees.
 Band aids are a fix all, even when there is nothing wrong.

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