Friday, September 9, 2011

Heading South

Continuing with our trip, I am finally almost done, I swear. Wednesday, August 24th we headed from Green Bay south to Milwaukee. Our only set plans for the day was to stop and spend some time with my grandparents, but on the way I wanted to drive past the house I grew up in to see what changes have been made and let the girls play at the park I played at when I was young. So, we stopped in Whitefish Bay, but since the temperature was so hot that day, we didn't play for too long.
The playground has been completely redone a few years ago. It was really neat to walk along the path into the park and be able to recognize so many names on the bricks. There were families of former classmates, neighbors, and teachers. This really opened the floodgates of memories that came pouring back.
When we head back to Wisconsin we always travel to Green Bay to see my Dad and Union Grove to see my Mom. While I have always felt very welcome in both places, being back in Whitefish Bay really felt like going home to me. Funny thing is, it hasn't been my home for about 10 years now, but I just felt so at peace being there.
 Alright, moving on. After the park we went to visit my Grandma and Grandpa Z. It was wonderful being able to spend time actually being able to visit, since the last time we had seen them was at Christmas and there was a house full of people, so our time to catch up was really limited.
Lillian and Claire made sure to right away inspect every inch of the house and see what they could get into. They certainly kept me moving and I am sure my grandma slept soundly that night after chasing them around as well.
I told Josh before we even arrived, I really wanted to get a photo of my grandparents with the girls since the last photo I have of them together, Lillian and Claire were only 5 months old.  Here is the picture from May 2009.
Here is August 2001
 We spent roughly two hours over there that afternoon and went back the following day for another few hours. It is really important to me, the girls get to spend as much time with their Great Grandparents as possible and hopefully a few of these memories may stick as they grow older.

We finally made it down by my Mom's house to unload the car again for a few days. Legs were stretched, snacks were had and then we put the girls back in the car and took them swimming at my mom's new sister-in-laws house. They were so excited to get in the water and splash.

 Luckily, there were enough people already in the pool I didn't have put on my swimsuit and get in the water. It is so fun to see how much the girls have developed just over the past few summer months. Lillian was happily jumping off the side of the pool into the water (and someones arms). This is a huge step, since just a few months ago she held onto me with all her strength in the water. Claire wanted so badly to go down the slide by herself, but Josh and I were still a bit leery with this, maybe next time.
 Claire and Lillian were so mad when we told them we had to leave the pool and go back and cook dinner. They were blue in the lips and shivering, but they were trying to convince us they needed to swim more. Well, their sad stories didn't work, but they did have fun cooking dinner with Grandma Jessie when we got back to the house. They pulled their chairs up to the counter and watched as Grandma chopped potatoes, they even snuck a few bites of raw potatoes.
 The following morning we ran errands and went to see my grandparents again. That afternoon after the girls were in bed for naps, Josh and I snuck out (grandma was at the house) and met up with my brother, Mark, and his girlfriend, Jeannie, for some time on the lake. It was so nice being out on the water and having that time together. Mark and I not had time like that is many years, so it was a perfect way to spend the afternoon.

One more vacation post and then I will finally be caught up, well, sort of. Bear with me, my life is in a continuous state of crazy right now.

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