Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Last week Thursday Lillian woke up with a cough. It wasn't too bad that day, but got worse over the weekend. Saturday and Sunday she was very horse and raspy sounding. We tried every trick, but nothing worked. Sunday I called our pediatrician and he gave me one more idea. Told me if it didn't work to come in on Monday. Well, Monday she was much better, but still had a little cough and Claire was starting to cough, so we made a family trip yesterday evening.
 Last fall and winter, Lillian had a cough off and on the entire time, more on than off. Because of that, her eczema (can be caused by allergies and asthma), and nothing else seeming to really help her cough, we now have an inhaler in the house. Our pediatrician said it sounds like she may have had croup over the weekend, but she didn't have a fever with it.   It seemed to help her this morning, but she was also on the mend yesterday.
Claire woke up this morning sounding raspy and a cough, but no fever. Late in the morning her temp started to rise, but it was still around 100 degrees, so nothing too alarming and it went down quickly with Tylenol. This evening though it was a different story. Her temperature rose to a high 102 and meds were not helping. We put another call into the pediatrician and we were told to put her in a luke-warm bath to help bring her body temp down, then put her the steamy bathroom for a little bit then in front of the chilly freezer. They could hear her barking cough over the phone and said it sounds like she has croup. Joy! It helped enough to not make her sob and be willing to sit at the table with us during dinner. Her temperature since then has gone down, but still barking. She seemed to be in slightly higher spirits right before heading to bed, so I am really hoping she will wake up a much happier girl.
Tomorrow will be a day to rest and recoup.

These pictures are from last weekend when we were all much healthier and happier.

 The girls like finding "baby mamatos" that are left in the garden and picking them. They will carry the green tomatoes around with them while playing outside and have been known to take a bite or two out of them.

 Our neighbors have a 16 month old little boy. The three of them often have meetings at the fence and laugh as they run the length of the yard watching each other between the slots of the fence.

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