Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! The girls have been so excited for weeks now to dress up as ballerinas (their choice) and go trick or treating. However, I am not so sure they really had a clue what trick or treating actually was until last week when watching something on tv. 

 We only took them to a few neighbors since we really do not need the candy in the house and they do not eat much the way it is. Luckily, the girls did not put up a fight when it was time to head back home. Actually, after the first house, Claire said, "Let's go home and eat special treat now."

 They were so excited to say "trick or treat" to everyone and get a piece or two of candy. They loved it!

 I asked the girls to stand by each other so I could take a picture. Claire would not get her nose out of her bucket and Lillian ran behind the tree, poked her head out and said "peek-a-boo!"
When the trick or treaters started coming to our house, the girls were so excited. They sat in the window watching and waiting to see the kids. As soon as someone started to walk up our steps, they ran towards the front door and said, "my friends are here for a special treat." Both girls were so excited to see the different costumes and once the door opened they yelled "trick or treat" to the kids coming to our house for candy.

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