Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Is it Fall?

I know it is supposed to be fall, but around here we have had temps in the low to mid 80's the last few days and it is supposed to last the rest of the week. I am not at all complaining, this weather is beautiful and sure beats the rain and cold.
With it being so warm, we have been spending as much time outside as we can. Time at the park, the yard, going for walks, and even a trip to Deanna Rose Farm (pictures to come). The girls new favorite thing to do while outside is to race around the yard in their Crazy Coupes. They still have not figured out how to go forward very well on their own, so Josh and I will push them and chase each other back and forth. Lillian laughs so hard she starts the burp/hiccup combo which then makes her laugh even harder. 

 They have both become daredevils and have no fear of climbing. The will climb up the side of their climber, flip over the top and go down the other side. They will walk down the slide, run up it or do anything else they can think of which will take years off my life.

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  1. I miss the fall weather, but we have been soaking up the outside time while we can too.