Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Holiday Cards

Every fall I get so excited to take that perfect photo of Lillian and Clare and create a card even better than the year before. Every fall I also forget about the stress I was under while trying to capture that perfect photo and the many hours I spent perfect a card layout and design, only to print it and find several flaws. I rush to get them all printed, sealed and sent off and usually I only have days left until Christmas arrives. This year I have decided to do something different. I have decided I am going to take a much easier route and let someone else create that perfect card so my only challenge is the pictures.

After looking dozens of option for printing cards, I decided to go with Shutterfly. I have ordered from them many times before for various projects and I have never been let down. Their printing quality is excellent, they are fast, wonderful customer service and you have hundreds of designs to choose from.

A few of my favorites are the Very Merry Stripes card, it is so bright and cheerful. I also love the simplicity and elegance of Let Peace Flourish stationary card.

Something that makes Shutterfly an even better place to purchase your holiday cards, is the fact that you can also order so many great gifts at the same time. I have used Shutterfly to make calendars, photo books and coffee mugs. All came back with excellent quality and these personalized gifts are always the ones that get talked about for years to come.

This year the most stressful part of creating my holiday card is trying to pick from all the choices. Off to go find out perfect card.

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