Monday, November 7, 2011

A New Game

The girls have a new game they like to play, library. They love when we go to the library and they get to pick out books to bring home with us. They love sitting at the table and chairs in the kids area and reading books. Of course, we still need to work on the quiet whispers so we don't disturb others, but thank goodness Lillian and Claire are cute and people still find them sweet at this age, I am not sure how much longer we have with that one though.
They have started their new game of library while at home. The library is their room since that is where they have several bookshelves full of books. I have boxes of books from when I was teaching, now that they know to to be careful with the paper pages, I have started putting some of those books in their room. They will take a toy bucket or something else handy to use as a chair, pick out books and sit down and read.
The other afternoon when they woke up from nap, Josh and I walked into the girls room and found that Lillian had created a library with the nap time books she picked out. She had them all perfectly lined up along the top of her crib and was looking at them that way.


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