Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Weekend Away

I once again apologize for the lack of posting over this past week. This past weekend Josh and I were able to sneak away and left the girls with Grandma Pattie and Aunt Maggie. It has been way too long since Josh and I have had a weekend to ourselves and we had a great time.
The girls are doing well. They are getting sassy as the weeks go on and trying to become more independent. It was been so nice being able to leave the downstairs door open so they can go up and down from the playroom as they please. Of course, this means all sorts of random and small toys come up with them on their many trips. They also love playing in their room now, but they like having the door closed when they are in there, since there isn't anything in there they can break or hurt themselves with, I don't mind. During these times though, the house seems so quiet when they are not being wild and crazy animals in the living room.

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