Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Decorating the Tree

Sunday the commotion of a birthday party was over and the house was back to normal. Since the Packers played awful that afternoon, I decided it would the perfect time to dig the tree out of storage and set it up while the girls napped.
That evening after Josh arrived home from work and the girls woke up from nap, we turned on some Christmas music and decorated the tree together as a family for the first time. Lillian and Claire loved picking out ornaments one at a time and ask questions about it and then find a special spot for it on the tree. Some ornaments they requested to hang up high and some needed to be right at their level. The process was long, but wonderful. There were many times Josh and I took a step back and watched the joy and excitement on two little girls faces.

 After decorating the tree, we sat down at the kitchen table. I made hot chocolate for everyone and we turned the kitchen lights and the Christmas music down and read our Advent story about Joy and lit the rose colored candle on our wreath. We folded our hands together said a short prayer and enjoyed this moment as a family, as we have every other Sunday evening since Advent began.

 I don't think there are too many homes that have both a rainbow of balloons and a Christmas tree decorating their living room at the same time. I love it!
 The girls have spent many hours sitting and looking at the various ornaments. They ask us where we got each one. Some have great stories, our first Christmas being married, their first Christmas, a wedding favor, our first Christmas in our home and some stories are not so special, Hobby Lobby.
 Claire enjoys hanging out under the tree every now and then.
These last few days in our house have been wonderful. We have created so many memories in just a short time. Josh and I have decided a new tradition has began, decorating as a family, hot chocolate and slowing life down. This is what the holiday season is really about, creating memories with those you love and cherishing those moments forever. I feel so blessed.

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