Tuesday, December 6, 2011

St. Nicholas

I have been searching our house high and low trying to find our Christmas stockings and I cannot find them anywhere. For some reason some of my Christmas decorations are not where they belong (in the large storage bins with all the other decorations) and are no where to be found. Since today is St. Nick, I needed to figure something out, so I made new stocking for the girls yesterday afternoon. I still need to make something for Josh and I, but those will come hopefully in the next few weeks or by next holiday season.

Growing up, we have celebrated St. Nick for as long as I can remember. I remember being stunned when I found out Josh had no idea what I was talking about, as well as most others in both Minnesota in college and then moving to the Kansas City area. Even though the girls might be the only kids in their elementary class that will know about St. Nick paying a little visit on December 6th, i still want to carry on this tradition with them.
 Last night before Josh and I went to bed, we did our nightly routine of checking on the girls, but we hung their stockings on their dresser for them. They were so excited to see them hanging there this morning, but even more excited when they found out there were a few treats in them.

The girls were very excited about the candy canes, but they were most excited about the special ornaments that I picked out for each of them. I found a purple ballerina for Lillian, since she has been obsessed with them for months now. For Claire, I found a pink Christmas tree with bells that jingle. They both love them and are so proud of their own special ornaments. As part of the St. Nick tradition in our house, I have decided that each year I am going to find an ornament for them. One that is special to their likes that year and something they will be able to take with them and add to their own Christmas tree when they have their own families.
If you do not know about St. Nicholas or this tradition you should look it up, it has a wonderful history.

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