Sunday, January 29, 2012

First Hair Cuts

Yesterday we finally took the girls to get their first hair cuts. Sadly, I did not get any pictures during the cuts because the whole thing went as well as I expected it to, lots of tears and fighting. I knew it would probably end up this way, but we needed to get their hair cut. When wet, their hair reached down to their bottoms, it was so unhealthy and was constantly in knots from being so long and unruly.
We took them to a salon called Sugar and Spice, despite the way their name sounds, it is a children's hair salon, so they are used to the screaming and crying. I was hoping the girls would fight it less since they were able to pick out which special "chair" they would like to sit in. They had a few jeeps, 4-wheelers, motorcycles, and race cars, but Lillian wouldn't budge and instead had her arms wrapped around my neck the entire cut. Claire finally relaxed enough to sit in a pink and purple jeep, but she still had tears. They each had 3-4 inches cut off the length of their hair. There is no style, because, well, you can't style a crying child's hair very well, you just have to say a prayer and hope for the best. With all the weight cut off their hair, their hair feels so much healthier and bounced up into curls instantly.

I didn't take any before pictures and as I already said, I couldn't take any pictures during, Lillian nearly strangling me, prevented that from happening, but the salon did take before and after pictures along with saving a lock of hair for us.

 Claire was happy as can be once she was done and out of the chair. She happily enjoyed her lollipop while checking out everything they sold in the store part of the salon.

Lillian was suddenly too cool to be bothered by me and trying to get her picture.

I have been trying to get some better after pictures to show the actual length of their hair, but of course they do not want to cooperate and have been extra wild this weekend. I will keep trying and hopefully have some photos up soon. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Big Girl Beds

The switch has been made, I have to say, I am very surprised with how well it has gone so far. After the girls woke up from their afternoon nap on Thursday, I took off the front rail of their crib and added the guard rail to make it into a toddler bed. Josh was working that day and I knew if we waiting until he got off work at 7pm, it would be a late bedtime and they would not be so willing to lay down right away without having time to explore and play in their new beds.

They were both so excited about the transformation and being big girls now. We went over the rules for big girl beds many, many times over the past few weeks, but even more that evening. The rules are very simple.
-No jumping in bed, because you can fall out.
-You must stay in bed until Mommy or Daddy come to get you.
That's it, simple, right? We had a little sit down right before they climbed into bed for the night to cover the rules again. We also told them that if they cannot follow these rules and stay in bed, then they will get their cribs back since they are not acting like big girls, they don't get big girl beds. I made up a small sticker chart for them, only 6 spots to fill. Each nap and bed time they stay in bed, they will get a sticker. Once all their boxes are filled, then we will take a trip to Target and they can pick out any toy they want. Yup, it's a bribe and I don't care one bit. Luckily, they are easy to please and Lillian was so excited over some pencils she saw on our last Target trip, so I am not expecting thing too out of control for toy picks.

 Lillian, especially, loves sitting with her feet dangling off the side of her bed.

 Claire is all snuggled in for her first night of sleep in her big girl bed.
 Lillian is snuggled and ready.

Like I have already said, I was very impressed and surprised with how well they did. Lillian did get out of bed once, but it was to climb into bed with Claire to read a book with her. After we reminded them of the rules, they both stayed put and made no other attempts. They were awake and chatting until 11:30pm, which also made it a very late night for us. Sadly, this is not uncommon for them to be awake so late. There are many nights they sit and chat with each other for hours until finally falling asleep. I think that night though, there were also nerves. While I was making the crib-bed transformation, they both told me they needed something in the spot that was open on the rail because they were going to fall out. So far, no one has fallen out. Both girls stayed in bed all night and were still there waiting for us Friday morning.
Friday at nap time was a little more difficult. Claire, my little ring leader, again was working her hardest to convince Lillian to get out of bed. "It's okay Lillian, I hold your hand and you come to my bed." Sure enough, I was watching through the cracked door and Lillian reaches for Claire's hand and walks over to Claire's bed. Right away I went in, reminded them of the rules and that was the end of it. Again, they chatted and played in bed, but they do that most days instead of napping.
Friday night, there were no attempts at getting out of bed by either of them. When Josh went into their room this morning, Lillian was in Claire's bed. When Lillian was asked why she got out of her bed, it was "because I need to give Claire a hug." How can you be mad at that?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Toddler Beds

Lillian and Claire still sleep in cribs. For maybe six months now, Josh and I have been trying to figure out when we want to try to brave it and finally make the switch. We talked about maybe over winter break when I wouldn't have the little boys I watch, but Josh worked so much during that time, I really didn't want to take on the challenge by myself, so happily, we put it off.
Over a year ago both of the girls took turns climbing out of their cribs. Claire did it first and not long after Lillian followed, but since then neither of them has climbed out. Yesterday it happened. Around 3 o'clock in the afternoon both of my little guys were picked up. I did a quick clean up of the house and finally sat down to relax and enjoy the stillness of the house. That was quickly interrupted by the sound of a piggy bank shaking in the girls room. This is when I had a deep sigh and tried to calming walk back the girls room. See, Lillian has been known to show off her Stretch Armstrong arms before and some how reaches their piggy banks off their window ledge from her crib, how she does it I have no idea. This is what I expected when walking into their room. Instead, I was greeted with Lillian looking shocked as I opened the door, piggy bank in her bed, but she was standing in front of it. I look at Claire's bed. It was full of both of their blankets, Pillow Pets, random other animals and tutus. I think that about covers it. I look around for Claire and ask Lillian where she is. Lillian shrugs as Claire walks out of their closet. I told them big girls need to stay in bed. It isn't safe for them to climb out on their own, they can get hurt. I told them I needed quiet time and so do they, so they can look at books quietly. I closed their door and walked away.
Well, today I was really hoping nap time would go better than yesterday since they made no attempts to get out of their beds last night, but they had other plans. Within 15 minutes of me putting them in their cribs for nap, I had to go in three different times. The first time both of the girls were out of their beds. After walking out of their room I left their door cracked so I could keep a better eye on what they were doing. The second time Lillian was halfway over her rail as I pushed the door open. The third time Claire was out of bed saying she needed to play with her dollhouse. For the next hour they stayed in bed, even though Claire was trying to convince Lillian to climb out. "Lillian, get out of your bed and then I get out of mine. Mommy not coming in our room." Over and over she tried this on Lillian, but she didn't budge.
Midway thought typing this post (it is "nap time" right now) I went in their room after hearing little feet hit the floor. Lillian once again was out of her bed and Claire was planning her escape.
Luckily, Josh and I had already decided we were going to brave it and make the switch this weekend. After yesterdays activities, we decided to move it forward and and make the switch tonight. I am really dreading this milestone, I have been for over a year, that is why they are still in cribs. After "nap time" today I will probably start the transformation, since Josh is working until 7pm tonight and that doesn't allow much time before the girls go to bed for him to get it done.
I am really hoping tonight, tomorrow and every day in the future go better then expected. If not, pray I don't strangle my children. I will update tomorrow how the first new goes and maybe pictures. Sorry for the lack of pictures lately, I have been a terrible mommy and have not been taking many.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


If you know my husband, you know that he has a thing for zombie books, movies, whatever it might be. If you have been to our house, you know that there is usually a small library by the porcelain thinking chair.
Now that you are caught up, this morning Josh took the girls to use the bathroom and Lillian looked over and asked Josh about his book that was sitting there. He told her it was a zombie book. Lillian's response, "Daddy, I don't like zombies. They are scary and they are going to get me. " Lovely, my three year old little girl already is developing a fear of zombies, not something most little girls are even aware of.
Moving along, he took the girls in our room to have some much loved daddy daughter time watching Batman in our room. Don't all little girls beg to watch Batman? Lillian continued to talk to Josh about the scary zombies. Josh assured her that  zombies are not out to get her and she will be okay. The three of them snuggle up in bed and the first episode on the Batman DVD beings and here come the zombies.
"Daddy, those zombies are going to get me."
Josh laughs and then quickly changes the episode.

Seriously, my little girls know more about superheros and zombies then any other little girl I know. They are finally learning more of the Disney princesses, but they prefer Batman over Cinderella any day.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Cough is Back

Last Sunday night Claire's cough came back. We had a good run from the end of October until now without a cough, so I can't complain too much especially considering some of the other illnesses that are going around out there. It just stinks this cough comes from no where and takes what seems like forever to get out of the house. It only gets back when she is sleeping, during the day it is like nothing is going on. Silly little bug. Lillian is staying healthy and I hope is stays that way. I am sure it is because this weather has been so wonky this winter. We have days below freezing and the next it is 50 degrees outside and raining.

Sadly, other than the cough, there really isn't anything too exciting going on over here. Josh has started working 12 hour shifts with the department, so the extras days off have been great, but the days he works from 7am-7pm make for really long days for everyone.

Oh and one more sad thing. Well, as you are all very well aware of, my beloved Packers had a tough end to their season last weekend. Still hurts me. Anyways, yesterday I was folding laundry in my room watching the Giants/49ers game. Claire comes running in to see what I am doing, she looks up at the tv and see that I am watching football. My sweet girl starts cheering, "Go Packers go! Go Packers go!" I sadly had to tell her that the Packers were not playing, but I am so proud that when she sees a football game on tv, she knows to cheer for the Pack. That's my girl!

Friday, January 20, 2012


Lately I have felt like I have been failing the girls at not teaching them more while we are home together. I know that in time they will learn everything they need to, they are such smart girls, but I feel like I should be doing more. I am sure those who know what my days look like are probably laughing at me right now, since most days there is not a single moment of quiet and down time to actually be able to sit down with them and work on letter, numbers or things like that. I decided the other night to start small. Well, not really small, since scissors can go many different ways with three year olds.
This morning after breakfast was cleaned up, I took out the two pair of scissors I bought last night and two sheets of scrap paper. Before handing them to the girls, I ran through a few scissor rules.
-Scissors are not toys to be played with.
-Scissors are only for cutting paper, not hair.
-Scissors are only to be used with a grown up.
I showed them how to hold scissors and a practice cut. They were so excited to get their little hands on them and start cutting. They each had a large piece of scrap paper and cut little cuts around all four edges of the paper. When they were finished cutting, the scissors went up high in our craft basket on top of the fridge.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baking Cookies

Lillian and Claire love helping in the kitchen. They make a mess, slow me down and cramp my space, but I love that time together. I remember when I was young and pulling a kitchen chair up to the counter and helping my mom prep, cook and bake. I think that is something every child should experience and cherish. It's those little moments that stick with you and make you smile when looking back. I hope my girls will look back on this time together when they are older and tell their own children about it.
Wednesday afternoon I added a few other sewing projects to my list. I have been wanting to make aprons for the girl for over a year now. Clarie looked at my mass amounts of fabric and picked out this pink fabric from my stash and wanted me to make something with it. I love this fabric. I bought it with my friend, Angela in mind. Angela is a fellow mom of multiples and was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in August. We are a part of an online community for moms of multiple, I have posted about them a few times, including when I posted last spring about my trip to Savannah, GA. Getting to the point of this little side note, a group of us from the board sent fabric to another member of the board and she made a beautiful quilt for Angela while she was undergoing her chemo. The fabric I sent is the same fabric that Claire picked out and I made aprons with.

After the girls woke up from their nap, we went straight into the kitchen and started baking cookies. They voted on chocolate chip. They did a lot of dumping of the ingredients and mixing. They have have done a little taste testing along the way as well. They are actually very good about taking turns and we have very few fights while in the kitchen. However, they both are not fans of my hand mixer and run out of the kitchen as soon as I get ready to turn it on. We are getting better with it and will sometimes come back into the kitchen before it is turned off.

The fun thing about having them help me in the kitchen when I prep dinner, is that when they "help" chop veggies or mix things together, they are usually more likely to try something they otherwise wouldn't.

Snow Storm

Wednesday night we had a "snow storm." Maybe they called it a snow storm because it is already mid-January and this is only the second time we have seen snow this season and the first time it was only flurries and a dusting. Who knows? I would not consider what happened the other night a storm by any means. I am not really sure why, but the district we live in was one of two to cancel school on Thursday. Since the moms of the two little boys I watch during the week are teachers in this district, I also had a snow day. It was nice being able to get some extra sleep and spend the day with just my girls. When they woke up and I opened their blinds, they were so excited to see snow on the ground. They instantly had plans for it. "Mommy, I want to play in the snow and make a snowman and a snow angel." Unfortunately, it was maybe mid-20's that morning, but we still bundled up and spent a little time outside, not nearly as long as the girls would have liked. I am hoping at some point this winter we will see a real snow fall, so Lillian and Claire can build their first snowman and actually be able to make a snow angel and see it when they stand up. Thursday's angels didn't work so well, when you could already see the grass through the small amount of snow that fell.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dancing Ballerina's

Took this video of my ballerinas this morning. They are singing a collection of song from Fresh Beat Band, there newest obsession.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Light Saber Ice Pop

I don't usually share my many sewing projects on here, I try to keep my blog mostly about the girls and our family, but I thought these were too cute not to share. A fellow mom of multiples asked for help making ice pop holders for her little guys who are having surgery at the end of the month, since they will be eating a ton during recovery. These were a quick and cheap project and I might just have to make a few more sets.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Thinking of a Cut

I have a huge emotional attachment to Lillian and Claire's hair. I have since the very beginning. I have been laughed at and teased from family members and friends for almost coming to tears at the very thought of cutting their hair. Seriously, I have a problem. I don't know what I will do if we every possibly have a baby boy. I don't really know what it is that has me so attached. Is it because that is the only thing that is still keeping them from fully being a big girl? The very tips of their hair was there the day they were born. Can that really be my reason? Is it because they will look even more grown up with a little trim? What if it doesn't look right and the stylist ruins their hair? Again, I know I am crazy and I need help.
I have started to think that I just need to take the plunge and get it done. When we mention the possibility of getting their hair cut to the girls, they respond, "no, I okay. I don't need a haircut." Claire says she wants to come with me and watch me get my hair cut. I am not so sure she will sit happily in a chair for the 45 minutes I spend at the salon when I get my hair done. Oh and they flip out of Josh and I are at the doctor, dentist or anywhere else where someone is touching us and they don't know. I think they also might have a fear of getting their haircut. I cut Josh's hair at home with the clippers and they have seen me do this before. I have a feeling they may think their hair cut will happen the same way.
If I can find a kids hair salon close to us, I think I might actually get their hair trimmed this month. We'll see. I can talk a big game now since it isn't set yet and I haven't found a salon. I will probably back down after those two things are done.

Just look at that perfect curl in Claire's pig tail. Cutting their hair might risk loosing the curl.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Little of This, Little of That

Not much new going here. Winter break is over, so my extra little boys are back in the house again. I am still working on my living room makeover. I think this weekend I am going to finish off the rest of the trim work and do a few touch ups and then be done with the painting, for now. My walls are still bare, I don't want to put any fresh holes in until I know for sure what I want to hand where and I cannot make up my mind. My mantle has been rearranged several times with new things added and taken away constantly. I still have my Willow Tree Nativity up, because I cannot bring myself to take it down yet. I love that thing and I hate it is only on display for one month each year.
The girls. Well, those girls are crazy let me tell ya. For many months now, they spend the majority of their "nap" time throwing the mass amounts of animals and blankets they need in bed on the floor. Their newest adventure is taking their sheets off their mattresses and tossing that on the floor as well. Sunday we had, well, I would like it say little incident, but nothing about this disaster was little. I went into the girls room an hour after I had put them to bed for their nap because it sounded like they were about to break their beds with how hard they were jumping and playing. I open the door and instantly smell poop. My eyes, of course, go to the crazy mess of animals and blankets that littered their floor. I look up and see both of the girls, hands, faces and feel (no idea) covered in their poop. Their crib rails, mattresses, everything is covered. I am standing there completely speechless. The girls feel silent, but gave me a big smile. I lifted them one at a time out of their beds and carried them straight to the bath tub. Told them not to move, not to touch anything and don't say a word. I was furious, really, I don't think that word even says enough for how I felt.
I cleaned all the poop off of them with paper towel and the detachable shower head. Lifted them out of the tub, rinsed it and filled it. They both went back in and were scrubbed. After they were dressed, they both sat in time out until their room was clean.
Josh was still at work for the first part of the clean up, but arrived home in time to help me scrub the second crib. The girls sat in their timeout spots for well over and hour and hardly spoke a word. They knew they were in trouble and didn't want to risk it.
Since the girls have started to take their sheets off their mattress's, poop got in every little nook and cranny. There was no way we were ever going to be able to get is clean. We had to throw away their mattresses and headed to Walmart to buy new ones. They girls were very well behaved the rest of the night and the following day. Even on Tuesday they were talking about how playing with poop is not nice. I am very happy they were listening to what we told them and I have a feeling they will never attempt that again.
We have been very lucky that this is the first time this has happened in our house. I have heard stories from friends who have little ones who have does this since a very young age and do it on a regular basis. No thank you. I would like to add, that I think overall, I held it together pretty well. Sure the thought of yelling at them and throwing them out the window may have crossed my mind, but I didn't act on it. I never yelled. Really, I still don't even know what to say about the whole thing. It is done with, we have moved on and like I said, pretty sure I can guarantee that will never happen again.

***disclaimer: I would never actually throw my children out of a window or physically harm them in anyway.*** 

Just thought I would throw that out there for anyone considering calling DFS on me.