Monday, January 23, 2012

The Cough is Back

Last Sunday night Claire's cough came back. We had a good run from the end of October until now without a cough, so I can't complain too much especially considering some of the other illnesses that are going around out there. It just stinks this cough comes from no where and takes what seems like forever to get out of the house. It only gets back when she is sleeping, during the day it is like nothing is going on. Silly little bug. Lillian is staying healthy and I hope is stays that way. I am sure it is because this weather has been so wonky this winter. We have days below freezing and the next it is 50 degrees outside and raining.

Sadly, other than the cough, there really isn't anything too exciting going on over here. Josh has started working 12 hour shifts with the department, so the extras days off have been great, but the days he works from 7am-7pm make for really long days for everyone.

Oh and one more sad thing. Well, as you are all very well aware of, my beloved Packers had a tough end to their season last weekend. Still hurts me. Anyways, yesterday I was folding laundry in my room watching the Giants/49ers game. Claire comes running in to see what I am doing, she looks up at the tv and see that I am watching football. My sweet girl starts cheering, "Go Packers go! Go Packers go!" I sadly had to tell her that the Packers were not playing, but I am so proud that when she sees a football game on tv, she knows to cheer for the Pack. That's my girl!

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