Sunday, January 29, 2012

First Hair Cuts

Yesterday we finally took the girls to get their first hair cuts. Sadly, I did not get any pictures during the cuts because the whole thing went as well as I expected it to, lots of tears and fighting. I knew it would probably end up this way, but we needed to get their hair cut. When wet, their hair reached down to their bottoms, it was so unhealthy and was constantly in knots from being so long and unruly.
We took them to a salon called Sugar and Spice, despite the way their name sounds, it is a children's hair salon, so they are used to the screaming and crying. I was hoping the girls would fight it less since they were able to pick out which special "chair" they would like to sit in. They had a few jeeps, 4-wheelers, motorcycles, and race cars, but Lillian wouldn't budge and instead had her arms wrapped around my neck the entire cut. Claire finally relaxed enough to sit in a pink and purple jeep, but she still had tears. They each had 3-4 inches cut off the length of their hair. There is no style, because, well, you can't style a crying child's hair very well, you just have to say a prayer and hope for the best. With all the weight cut off their hair, their hair feels so much healthier and bounced up into curls instantly.

I didn't take any before pictures and as I already said, I couldn't take any pictures during, Lillian nearly strangling me, prevented that from happening, but the salon did take before and after pictures along with saving a lock of hair for us.

 Claire was happy as can be once she was done and out of the chair. She happily enjoyed her lollipop while checking out everything they sold in the store part of the salon.

Lillian was suddenly too cool to be bothered by me and trying to get her picture.

I have been trying to get some better after pictures to show the actual length of their hair, but of course they do not want to cooperate and have been extra wild this weekend. I will keep trying and hopefully have some photos up soon. 

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