Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snow Storm

Wednesday night we had a "snow storm." Maybe they called it a snow storm because it is already mid-January and this is only the second time we have seen snow this season and the first time it was only flurries and a dusting. Who knows? I would not consider what happened the other night a storm by any means. I am not really sure why, but the district we live in was one of two to cancel school on Thursday. Since the moms of the two little boys I watch during the week are teachers in this district, I also had a snow day. It was nice being able to get some extra sleep and spend the day with just my girls. When they woke up and I opened their blinds, they were so excited to see snow on the ground. They instantly had plans for it. "Mommy, I want to play in the snow and make a snowman and a snow angel." Unfortunately, it was maybe mid-20's that morning, but we still bundled up and spent a little time outside, not nearly as long as the girls would have liked. I am hoping at some point this winter we will see a real snow fall, so Lillian and Claire can build their first snowman and actually be able to make a snow angel and see it when they stand up. Thursday's angels didn't work so well, when you could already see the grass through the small amount of snow that fell.

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