Monday, January 9, 2012

Thinking of a Cut

I have a huge emotional attachment to Lillian and Claire's hair. I have since the very beginning. I have been laughed at and teased from family members and friends for almost coming to tears at the very thought of cutting their hair. Seriously, I have a problem. I don't know what I will do if we every possibly have a baby boy. I don't really know what it is that has me so attached. Is it because that is the only thing that is still keeping them from fully being a big girl? The very tips of their hair was there the day they were born. Can that really be my reason? Is it because they will look even more grown up with a little trim? What if it doesn't look right and the stylist ruins their hair? Again, I know I am crazy and I need help.
I have started to think that I just need to take the plunge and get it done. When we mention the possibility of getting their hair cut to the girls, they respond, "no, I okay. I don't need a haircut." Claire says she wants to come with me and watch me get my hair cut. I am not so sure she will sit happily in a chair for the 45 minutes I spend at the salon when I get my hair done. Oh and they flip out of Josh and I are at the doctor, dentist or anywhere else where someone is touching us and they don't know. I think they also might have a fear of getting their haircut. I cut Josh's hair at home with the clippers and they have seen me do this before. I have a feeling they may think their hair cut will happen the same way.
If I can find a kids hair salon close to us, I think I might actually get their hair trimmed this month. We'll see. I can talk a big game now since it isn't set yet and I haven't found a salon. I will probably back down after those two things are done.

Just look at that perfect curl in Claire's pig tail. Cutting their hair might risk loosing the curl.


  1. We haven't found any kids' salons in LS; we usually end up going to Sugar & Spice ( on 119th & Nall in OP for Ben's haircuts. They are good and quick (but I can only speak for boys' cuts!) and he likes being able to pick out a car to sit in. Our trick is to give him a lollipop while he's getting his hair cut-it cuts down on his anxiety much more than the promise of getting one after the haircut if he behaves. Much less of a struggle since we started trying it that way!

    There is also a salon up at Zona Rosa ( but we haven't been there.

  2. I have been contemplating getting Liv's hair cut, as well. I don't know where I would take her, but I know it needs to be done. Think about it this way: Even though the very tips of their hair were there when they were born, that part of their hair probably isn't very healthy anyway. Hair needs to be trimmed to stay healthy and shiny and even to grow! Go for it! I'll do if you do ;)

  3. Rachel, is that what you are telling yourself to get on board with cutting Olivia's hair. ;-)

  4. I am attached to Sammie's hair family teases me endlessly but I just can't part with it yet!