Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A New Development

Something big has happened in our house during this past week and I am extremely excited about it, the girls are not longer wearing Pull Ups at nap time!
About 4 months ago Claire stopped wearing a Pull Up during naps since she was consistently dry and was even dry most nights. However, shortly before Thanksgiving, she regressed and started having accidents and stopped caring about keeping her undies dry, both during the day and at naps. Not wanting to fight her on this, because maybe she really just was not ready for it, we put her back in a Pull Up during nap time and everyone was much more relaxed.
Last week we were running low on our Pull Up supply, so I suggested to Josh we try keeping them in their undies during nap and see what happens. We put a potty chair in their room, just in case they needed to go they wouldn't be yelling for us to come get them, and they did great. Of course, since this was the first day, they didn't sleep and they got out of bed and sat on their potty chair multiple times just because they could. However, they ended their nap/quiet time completely dry. The next day we did the same and they both feel asleep, slept for over two hours and woke up dry. I am so proud of them. We have had a day or two when Claire has ended nap time with a small accident, but over all they have both done amazing.
For close to a month now I have been telling Josh I think they would be able to handle naps without their Pull Ups on, that I think they are using them because they know they can, and it turns out this was true. I am crossing fingers it won't be long and we can get rid of the night time Pull Ups and be free of them in our home.

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