Monday, February 6, 2012

Something Special

It has now been a week and a half since we transitioned the girls to their big girl beds. I would say that overall it has gone really well. The only times they usually get out of bed is to get a book or climb in their sisters bed and this is only during nap time. When bed time hits, they stay in their bed and haven't shown any desire to get out. I am very glad we decided to wait as long as we did, because I know it would not have went this well if we did it when they turned two, two and a half or any other time but now.
When we started the transition, I made up a sticker chart for them and if they filled all of the blank spaces they would be able to go to Target and pick out whatever toy or special item they wanted. I think I have posted before how they were able to pick out their items, but never actually were able to use them since their behavior quickly turned around and not for the better.
Last week Friday the girls woke up hearing the school bus pick up the little girl across the street. I went in their room to get them and Lillian was in tears telling me she needed to go Target to buy a backpack so she could go to school on the bus too. Lately, they have been all about wanting backpacks for some crazy reason. Claire actually picked out a toddler sized princess backpack as her special item and Lillian did at first, but changed her mind. I told her if both of them took a good nap that afternoon, then we would go back to Target and find her a backpack. Well, what do you know. They both feel asleep almost as soon as I put them down for a nap and woke up asking for backpacks. We exchanged the toy Lillian no longer cared about and never had the chance to play with and let her pick out a backpack. They are in love.


Claire has already mastered putting her backpack on by herself, although, sometimes it goes on upside down. They collect all of their special treasures and carry them around the house as they "walk to school." We still have the constant begging of wanting to go to school, but at least we are one step closer and they have their backpacks. Goofy girls.

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