Thursday, March 8, 2012

Picnic in the Livingroom

Last Saturday the sun was shining bright and it looked beautiful outside. I spoke way too soon and told the girls that it would be a great day to play outside after breakfast. Turns out, the sun was bright and it looked beautiful outside, but it was only in the mid-30's. I told the girls they had to wait for it to warm up a little more before they could go out and play. When I gave them the go ahead, they ran so quickly to get their jackets on and headed for the door.
While outside they came up with the idea of a picnic. They wanted their picnic table, but it is still packed away in the garage until it warms up for good. So then they mentioned they could just bring their chairs outside for a picnic. I had to break the news that it was way too cold outside for a picnic, but we could have a picnic lunch in the livingroom. They loved this idea. Together they picked out what they wanted for lunch and grabbed items out of the pantry and fridge. Lunch ended up lasting an hour, but they loved it.

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  1. Sammie loves it when we have living room picnics! It's SO much fun. ;)