Friday, April 20, 2012

Giving it a Go

I put off posting about it because last time I think I jinxed it, but both the girls have now gone about 3 weeks spending all day and night in undies. That's right folks, no more pull ups! We have had one or two accidents in those few weeks, but nothing major and they are so proud of themselves.
We have a step stool that they can use to use the toilet by themselves and to reach the sink to wash hands. They have recently decided that they are big girls and don't always require the stool to wiggle their bottoms onto the toilet. It is a little big of a struggle for them to get up there, but they always say, "look, I'm I big girl now."
I love that we are finished with diapers and pull ups for the girls. Of course, I have one month left with my little guys and then we can rid the house of all diapers.

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