Wednesday, May 2, 2012


<p>In the fall the girls will be starting preschool and I will be starting my new job. I am really excited to get back in the classroom and do my thing.
A couple Sundays ago the preschool had an open house, I had to be there to meet families and Josh brought the girls to meet their teacher and see their new school.  They loved it! Their teacher asked them their names and Claire right away speaks up, "Claire Elizabeth Ward." She said it with so much pride.  Lillian played the shy card so Claire spoke for her, "Lillian Faith Ward. " Then they ran off to play. Josh kept them there for about an hour before trying to convince them it was time to go. They ask all the time go to school and play with their friends. We are going to sign them up for the vacation Bible school session at the church where they will attend preschool. It is just one week in July and I know they will have a blast.

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