Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Grandpa Mark

Just in case the above doesn't work, here is a link.
The girls have been very excited about today for two reasons, it is Grandpa Mark's birthday and it is Mommy's birthday. So, happy birthday Dad. I hope you have a fabulous day and have fun tonight, wish I could be at Summerfest with you.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Past Zoo Visit

In attempt to catch up with our summer outings, here are a few photos from a trip we took to the zoo earlier this month. We got lucky that it was a cool morning and perfect for walking around the zoo. Most of June and July it is too hot to spend much time at the zoo. It is not my idea of fun towing the girls around in the wagon in 90 degree heat.

Both girls have been fighting have their photos taken, unless they are in the mood. Lillian in the above photos is putting her hand up saying, "don't take my picture." I hear that phrase a lot lately.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Just a few pictures of Claire to start catching up.

Both girls are currently obsessed with anything super hero. They are in love with all the new Avengers items that are out right now, so when we were at Hobby Lobby and they spotted these Iron Man handkerchiefs, I knew I had to make dresses out of them for my ladies. Safe to say, they are a hit and I had to tell them they are not church appropriate.
 Claire wanted to help me cook dinner, like she does most nights. Only this night she decided to use a giant container of cheeseballs as her step stool.
 We were at a rummage sale and once the girls spotted this drum set, they quickly sat down and started playing.
 Captain America's shield does wonders to block the spraying hose.
 My little bugs wrapped up like burritos after playing in the pool.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The other weekend we are blessed with a weekend away, just the four of us without any family or friends to visit. We have never had a chance to take a real family vacation. With so many family and friends living a distance away, we have to use our vacation time to visit them and sadly, even that doesn't get to happen nearly as often as we would like. Well, a very special thank you to my Dad and Sandy for setting us up with our weekend as an early birthday gift to me. They treated us to a wonderful resort and room, so we could take this much needed family time. I wish Josh's work schedule allowed us to have more time away, but has had already had to use so much vacation time this past month for other out of town trips and we are planning a trip to Wisconsin to see my family later this summer. That being said, we had a fabulous weekend.

Branson is only a few hours from Kansas City and without  three year olds in the car, it could be a very quick trip. Lillian and Claire had other ideas though with their asking for frequent restroom stops, but not always actually going when we do finally find a place to stop. We did have to pull over to the side of the highway at one point and take the potty chair out of the car and have Lillian do her thing on the side of the road, because she refused the gas station restroom 5 miles earlier when we stopped.
When we arrived, we checked into our room, unloaded our bags and headed back out for dinner. We drove past a small, but busy barbecue joint on our way in and decided to give it a try, it had to be that busy for a reason. Our food was fabulous and the girls ate a ton.

 When we got back to our resort, I took the girls to one of the playground areas while Josh took our groceries we picked up, back to our room. The gravel on the ground and their flip flops didn't make walking easy for them, but that didn't seem to slow them down too much.
 Both girls were excited to get their own big bed for the weekend. They quickly put a claim on which bed they wanted in their room and climbed right up.
 Saturday morning while I was getting ready for the day after breakfast, Josh helped the girls build a fort. The filled it with pillows from the couch and their beds and thought it was the coolest little hangout.
 With it pushing 90 degrees by 10 am, our outdoor activities were pretty limited. We decided this would be a great chance to take the girls to see their first movie in the theater. We saw Madagascar 3 and they loved it. They did really well and just when they were starting to get a little restless, the movie picked up again and caught their attention.  They are holding their tickets in the photo below after the movie.
 Later that afternoon we took them swimming. There was a kids pool which was about two feet deep and perfect for them to play in without us having to hover too much. We did make them wear their swimming vest, but the bottom of the pool was a bit slippery and they lost footing now and then.

 They splashed, jumped, kicked and had a blast. They had no fear of the water at all and had no problem putting their faces in the water and practice swimming.

 They both had a melt down having to leave the pool. Claire was over it pretty quickly, Lillian wouldn't give up. She was a grump the entire walk back to our room and let everyone know her thoughts about having to leave the pool.
 We made a delicious dinner in our room and then headed out for some frozen yogurt. They each picked their yogurt flavor and piled their toppings on high.

 Sunday morning, before heading home, we went to the fish hatchery. Lillian asked where Grandpa Mark was as soon as we got out of the car. Last time we were there was with Grandpa Mark and Grandma Sandy over a year ago, I am not sure how she remembered this, but she did.

 They laughed as they fed the fish and saw them jumping out of the water. There are thousands and thousands of fish in these troughs.
 I posted this picture already, but thought it would add it in again. Daddy and his girls on Father's Day.

Thank you again, Dad and Sandy for helping us having this weekend away. We had a blast and are already looking forward to planning a trip for next summer.

Family Camp at Bass Pro

We have a Bass Pro Shop about 5 miles from our house and we recently learned of their weekly summer family camp they hold. Our location has a large carousal inside with moose, deer and bears for children to ride. Lillian is usually afraid of various rides, she does not like the little two horse carousal outside of Hyvee, but Claire asked to ride it each time we go grocery shopping. I use shocked when we took the girls to Bass Pro and Lillian was excited to go for a ride and Claire refused to go on. Of course, Lillian had to feel my hand on her back through the entire ride and if moved for even a second she would let me know it needed to go back. While Lillian was riding the different animals, Claire was climbing on the display boats.

 We headed upstairs after checking out the fish tanks and they had target practice. They had nerf type bow and arrows set out to knock down ducks like you would see at a carnival. Josh helped both of them take turns and they had a blast.

 Next we moved on to practicing casting fishing poles. They had large wooden fish with buckets for their mouths. The idea is to cast the pole into the bucket and reel it back in. The girls understood the casting motion and they had to push the button on the rod, but not really sure how to put them both together.
After fishing, we headed to the craft table they had set up and they decorated little planting pots. They were not happy when it was time to leave. However, melt downs have been happening anytime we take them some place lately and they fight having to leave; the park, beach, stores, church, you name it.
These photos were from when we took them almost two weeks ago. We took them again this afternoon and we did all the same activities again. This time Claire rode on the carousal and we all rode it twice. They also had a different art project and they love looking at all the fish and animals around the store.
They have two more weeks of family camp, they take place on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. It works out perfectly that Josh has off either Tuesday or Thursday each week so we can go and do something fun outside of the house in this crazy heat.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Working it Out

I have been trying to figure out the easiest way to get the hundreds of photos off my phone and saved to my computer. Needless to say, I have not figured it out yet, or I would be sharing some of them here. I am going to continue to work on it after the girls are in bed tonight and while the house is quiet. Josh is working ALL day today. His regular shift from 7am-7pm and then some overtime from 8pm-11ish. So, I will have time.
I know I can email them in an attachment and then download and save that way, but with hundreds of photos it would take a long time to do it all.
I can write posts on my phone and add them easily that way, but typing anything takes so much longer when I type one finger point at a time.
There is a way to use my USB cord to connect my phone to my computer and transfer them all that way. I just have to figure that part out. Wish me luck. Wish my computer and phone luck that neither of them end up being thrown out the window tonight.

***updated at 5:14pm***
All the pictures are transfered off my phone and tonight I will actually start to post those updates I have been promising instead of figuring out my phone/computer transfer.

Thanks so much to those who helped me figure it out.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

Thank you Josh for always being an amazing father to our beautiful girls and the best husband a girl could ever ask for.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


I probably sound like a broken record when I constantly apologize for not blogging. Things have been busy around here, but I have also just been lazy when I have time to myself. In those short periods of time, I would rather just sit and be a bum, than have to transfer pictures to upload and think of something entertaining to write up.
I have still been playing catch up since the school year ended. Last week, I had a dentist appointment and a general health physical for the upcoming school year. This past weekend, I spent Thursday though Sunday in Chicago with a great group of friends. I am planning to write a short post and share a few pictures when I can find the time. I think after this coming weekend,  I will be just about caught up on everything, and I will make catch up posts a priority. I promise these updates will come with pictures. Until then, I need to share how stinkin' cute it is hearing two little girls constantly sing. Claire especially loves her "ABC's" and Lillian loves to sing "This Little Light of Mine." Their little voices can be so sweet at times.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Getting Soaked

The temps are heating up in Kansas City, which means we are spending a lot more time playing in the water. It starts with the water table and quickly the girls become soaked from dumping buckets of water on their own and each other. 

 From there, they take over the hose and spray themselves, each other, Leia and chase Josh and I around the yard. They love it and it is a huge change from last summer when they ran from the hose. Lillian thought it was so funny when Claire would spray her. Last summer, she would run away in tears when Claire did that.

They are also much more fearless when it comes to big swimming pools as well. Last weekend when we were in Minnesota, we spent one night in a hotel and took the girls swimming. Both girls climbed up us while digging their pointy little toes into Josh and myself. After 15 minutes and watching a cute little boy, Lillian was jumping off the side of the pool and was getting upset with me for catching her, she wanted to do it all by herself. Seems about right, she wants to do everything by herself right now. Claire is still getting used to the pool, but each time becoming more adventurous. Today, I took them to my friend's house for a play date and we went swimming in their pool. Lillian once again was jumping off the edge and Claire was walking down the steps until the water was chest deep.
With temps supposed to be in the 90's all week, I think we are going to have a lot more time playing in the water.