Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Just a few pictures of Claire to start catching up.

Both girls are currently obsessed with anything super hero. They are in love with all the new Avengers items that are out right now, so when we were at Hobby Lobby and they spotted these Iron Man handkerchiefs, I knew I had to make dresses out of them for my ladies. Safe to say, they are a hit and I had to tell them they are not church appropriate.
 Claire wanted to help me cook dinner, like she does most nights. Only this night she decided to use a giant container of cheeseballs as her step stool.
 We were at a rummage sale and once the girls spotted this drum set, they quickly sat down and started playing.
 Captain America's shield does wonders to block the spraying hose.
 My little bugs wrapped up like burritos after playing in the pool.

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