Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Family Camp at Bass Pro

We have a Bass Pro Shop about 5 miles from our house and we recently learned of their weekly summer family camp they hold. Our location has a large carousal inside with moose, deer and bears for children to ride. Lillian is usually afraid of various rides, she does not like the little two horse carousal outside of Hyvee, but Claire asked to ride it each time we go grocery shopping. I use shocked when we took the girls to Bass Pro and Lillian was excited to go for a ride and Claire refused to go on. Of course, Lillian had to feel my hand on her back through the entire ride and if moved for even a second she would let me know it needed to go back. While Lillian was riding the different animals, Claire was climbing on the display boats.

 We headed upstairs after checking out the fish tanks and they had target practice. They had nerf type bow and arrows set out to knock down ducks like you would see at a carnival. Josh helped both of them take turns and they had a blast.

 Next we moved on to practicing casting fishing poles. They had large wooden fish with buckets for their mouths. The idea is to cast the pole into the bucket and reel it back in. The girls understood the casting motion and they had to push the button on the rod, but not really sure how to put them both together.
After fishing, we headed to the craft table they had set up and they decorated little planting pots. They were not happy when it was time to leave. However, melt downs have been happening anytime we take them some place lately and they fight having to leave; the park, beach, stores, church, you name it.
These photos were from when we took them almost two weeks ago. We took them again this afternoon and we did all the same activities again. This time Claire rode on the carousal and we all rode it twice. They also had a different art project and they love looking at all the fish and animals around the store.
They have two more weeks of family camp, they take place on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. It works out perfectly that Josh has off either Tuesday or Thursday each week so we can go and do something fun outside of the house in this crazy heat.

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