Monday, June 4, 2012

Getting Soaked

The temps are heating up in Kansas City, which means we are spending a lot more time playing in the water. It starts with the water table and quickly the girls become soaked from dumping buckets of water on their own and each other. 

 From there, they take over the hose and spray themselves, each other, Leia and chase Josh and I around the yard. They love it and it is a huge change from last summer when they ran from the hose. Lillian thought it was so funny when Claire would spray her. Last summer, she would run away in tears when Claire did that.

They are also much more fearless when it comes to big swimming pools as well. Last weekend when we were in Minnesota, we spent one night in a hotel and took the girls swimming. Both girls climbed up us while digging their pointy little toes into Josh and myself. After 15 minutes and watching a cute little boy, Lillian was jumping off the side of the pool and was getting upset with me for catching her, she wanted to do it all by herself. Seems about right, she wants to do everything by herself right now. Claire is still getting used to the pool, but each time becoming more adventurous. Today, I took them to my friend's house for a play date and we went swimming in their pool. Lillian once again was jumping off the edge and Claire was walking down the steps until the water was chest deep.
With temps supposed to be in the 90's all week, I think we are going to have a lot more time playing in the water.

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