Saturday, July 28, 2012

I'm Terrible

I'm sorry, I know I promised to finally add the photos we had taken in May by Lauren of Ariel Photography, but I have been lazy with posting (obviously) and busy play with the girls and enjoying some extra family time this week. Josh only had one day of work this week and the girls loved having daddy around. I will try my hardest to get by the end of the weekend, but this time I won't promise.

The girls enjoying some Saturday morning cartoons and pedicures.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Getting Married

This morning Lillian went running up to Claire, "Claire, I want to marry you so I can kiss you."
Claire responds, "I can't marry you." Kisses her anyways.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


I mentioned in a previous post when I talked about our trip to Minnesota, that my wonderful friend Lauren took some photos for us. She mailed me the CD of photos and I love them all. However, I have not taken the time to share them here. Here is a quick tease photo of what she took. I will try my hardest to make the time and share more within the next few days. The hard part is trying to narrow them down. There are probably 200 photos on the CD she send and about 190 of them are my favorite.

If you are in the Twin Cities area and looking for a fabulous newborn, family, child, wedding or anything photographer, Lauren is your lady. She is fantastic and her prices cannot be beat.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


We have several difference gymnastic facilities around us that offer open gym time for younger kids. During our heat wave (which left for a few days and now is back, yay!) the girls and I were sick of being stuck inside the house, so we decided to spend our day out of the house and keeping busy. I was a bit nervous taking them by myself to the open gym, the previous times we have gone, Josh has been off work and we have gone together. Oh, that and the crazy moms who bring their young children and don't pay any attention to them. Before we left the house I told the girls a few simple rules they need to follow. Stay close to each other. Listen to my words. Have fun. No fits when it is time to leave. I repeated these rules again in the car and while walking into the building. They did fantastic! Towards the end of the visit, Claire started to wander a bit, but the gym was starting to clear out and I could still see her, so no worries. 

 As usual, my ladies were timid at first and after a little time finally opened up and were ready to bounce and be crazy.

Since watching the Olympic trials a few weeks ago, they have loved practicing their gymnastics and were in awe of the big girls who were doing flips on the beam and bars. Lillian and Claire would stop mid-bounce and just stare at them. Claire was so excited when one of the girls looked down at her and saved. She came running over to me with the biggest smile on her face, it was like she was meeting a celebrity.

After gymnastics we had to run a few errands and then headed for Wendy's for lunch. We had a fantastic girls morning and they were not ready to go home yet.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Snack Time

Lillian and Claire have been eating like teenage boys lately, anything they see they want to eat. They asked for a cup of yogurt this afternoon and Lillian quickly finished hers. She asked for more, but I reminded her it wouldn't be long and we could start making dinner. Next thing you know, Claire is scooping yogurt out of her cup into Lillian's.  Lillian didn't think she had enough of Claire's yet and asked her to put more in. I again reminded Lillian dinner would be soon and she responds, "but my belly isn't full yet, there is room for more."

Sunday, July 8, 2012

16 Months

**Obviously this post is VERY old, but I just noticed it was sitting as a draft and was never published**

Another month has passed and Lillian and Claire are now 16 months old. This is unreal how fast each month passes

Our July 4th

July 4th in our house usually ends up being just Lillian, Claire and myself at home. Josh is usually scheduled to work or roped into working overtime. This year was different. This year, Josh only had to work a few hours in the morning and was home when the girls were starting to wake up. Our heat wave has continued and so has our drought, but we ignored that for a short time in the morning and played in the new snake sprinkler in the yard. 

 After lunch and naps (yup, they took short naps), Grandma Pattie, Grandpa Jim and Kaiden came over for dinner and lots of playing. The three girls have had a blast playing with each other while Kaiden visited.
 After dinner we headed to the front of our house to do a few fireworks. It was about 95 degrees out, but the girls didn't seem to notice one bit. Our fireworks were pretty simple, snakes, snap dragons (those popper things you throw at the ground), smoke things and the parachute guys. To the adults, we thought they were nothing to get too excited about, but the little ones thought they were the most exciting thing ever.

 Lillian sat on my lap most of the time outside with her hands on her ears whether the fireworks make noise or not.

After everyone went home and the mess was cleaned up, we loaded the girls into the car and headed out for a local fireworks display. They were not the cities big ones, since those were done the night before and Josh was working. I was not about to take the girls by myself, although I wanted to, because they were extremely crabby. Anyways, we headed out and I don't now if the girls or I were more excited. I love attending firework displays and this is now our seventh summer living in the Kansas City area and only our second time Josh and I have been able to see them together. This was also the girls first real display. I think it is safe to say, they loved them. We were far enough away that it wasn't smokey or too loud. We didn't have to strain our necks to see them and were able to sit on the sidewalk right along side our car. It worked perfectly since the girls had been drinking a ton of water all evening and were asking to go potty several times. We put the potty chair in the back of the car and since no one else was by us, they did their thing and didn't have to stop watching the display.

We had a great holiday this year. It was wonderful having Josh home with us and feeling like a normal family together on a holiday.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Most mornings when I go in the girls room to get them up, they are snuggled in bed together. They switch off whose bed they are in, it usually depends on who is the first to wake up and needs to wake the other. They pack up their pillow pet, blanket and little puppy and head to snuggle with their sissy. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Beach

*Warning, you are in for a photo overload*

Last week Sunday our church held their annual baptism ceremony at Longview Lake, this was also the start of our heat wave that doesn't seem to have an end in sight. The evening didn't begin until 7pm, so I had the girls ready to go, with buckets and shovels in hand, so we could head over as soon as Josh was home from work. They were so excited to go to the beach. This is their first experience with a sandy beach and walking into a lake. I think it is safe to say they loved it. If they didn't let you know by their excitement when we arrived, they sure let us know with their melt downs when it was time to leave.

 You can see everyone in the picture below watching the baptisms in the lake. Behind us there were many other families and kids of all ages playing in the sand and water.

 They were covered in sand from making sand angels. Almost every inch of them was covered.
Lillian was fighting when it was time to leave. She refused to walk, but got mad when I carried her. She was crying saying she wanted to stay at the beach by herself and didn't want to go home. Then she was upset because people were looking at her. I said, "of course they are looking at you. You are a cute little girl, covered in sand and throwing the mother of all fits." She just put her head down and walked with some foot stomping and heavy huffs.
I promised them we would go back to the beach soon, but with temperatures in the triple digits, there is no way I am sitting in that sun and heat with them. Hopefully it will cool down just a bit, so we can finally enjoy some outside time again.