Sunday, July 15, 2012


We have several difference gymnastic facilities around us that offer open gym time for younger kids. During our heat wave (which left for a few days and now is back, yay!) the girls and I were sick of being stuck inside the house, so we decided to spend our day out of the house and keeping busy. I was a bit nervous taking them by myself to the open gym, the previous times we have gone, Josh has been off work and we have gone together. Oh, that and the crazy moms who bring their young children and don't pay any attention to them. Before we left the house I told the girls a few simple rules they need to follow. Stay close to each other. Listen to my words. Have fun. No fits when it is time to leave. I repeated these rules again in the car and while walking into the building. They did fantastic! Towards the end of the visit, Claire started to wander a bit, but the gym was starting to clear out and I could still see her, so no worries. 

 As usual, my ladies were timid at first and after a little time finally opened up and were ready to bounce and be crazy.

Since watching the Olympic trials a few weeks ago, they have loved practicing their gymnastics and were in awe of the big girls who were doing flips on the beam and bars. Lillian and Claire would stop mid-bounce and just stare at them. Claire was so excited when one of the girls looked down at her and saved. She came running over to me with the biggest smile on her face, it was like she was meeting a celebrity.

After gymnastics we had to run a few errands and then headed for Wendy's for lunch. We had a fantastic girls morning and they were not ready to go home yet.

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