Monday, August 20, 2012

Burr Oaks Nature Center

In July we had day after day of temperatures in the triple digits. We were all going stir crazy not being able to play outside and we also couldn't spend the money constantly going to all of the indoor childrens attactions around town. We zoo pass has been untouched for far too long, because by the time the had zoo opened, it was already nearing 90 plus degrees. While the girls don't mind the heat, Josh and I are miserable. Lillian, Claire and myself spent many days playing by my friends house with her little ones and then spending hours in her pool. Being in the water was really the only way you could spend a extended period of time outdoors in that heat.
I spent an afternoon coming up with a list of free or extremely cheap activities we could do with the girls to get us out of the house. While making this list, I remembered a place called Burr Oaks Nature Center in Blue Springs. I had not been there in years; I once went on a field trip there with my class when I was teaching, but I remembered it was a fun and hands on place for children. We decided to load the girls up after lunch and head over. It wasn't too busy, since I think it is sort of a hidden gem, and Lillian and Claire loved it. Josh and I also enjoyed reading some of the fun facts and seeing some of the critters. I could have done without the snakes and some other creepy crawlers. The place isn't huge, but it is certainly enough to keep the little ones entertained for an hour or so.

 After leaving the nature center, we stopped for an ice cream cone before heading home. We had a little friend visiting on the other side of the window and this little cricket kept the girls giggling.

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