Saturday, September 1, 2012

The First Week

Yesterday we finished our first week of school. They girls are loving preschool so far and share the silliest little things that happen during their time at school. They haven't spent much time talking about other kids in their class, just their teachers, so hopefully they are playing with others and not just each other. I know this year will be fantastic for them and they will learn and grow so much. This week has wore them out though. Last night (Friday) they were so tired. They were grumpy all afternoon and crashed at bedtime. They slept for 13 solid hours. This morning when they woke up, they were still a bit grouchy and ended up taking a two our nap this afternoon, which almost never happens.
I had a great week as well. It was crazy, but the I think the first week of school is supposed to be crazy, especially when I haven't been in the classroom for almost 3 years. I am learning a new daily routine. I am getting to know a group of 12 kids and what works best in our classroom and day. Each day the schedule has varied a little and I am sure it will continue to change until we get everything working just right. My class is wonderful and I know they will keep me on my toes this year, but I am so excited for this adventure we are all taking on together.

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  1. Good luck with the return to school ! My daughter is yet to attend school but I really can't wait for her to meet new local children and start learning new things from other people :-)