Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Can I just start by saying, I am so glad Halloween is now over with. Don't get me wrong, I loved making the girls costumes and I love the excitement they have had over this holiday, but I am over it. Sunday we had two trunk or treats we attended. If you don't know what a trunk or treat is (I had never heard of it until about 6 years ago), it is when people decorate the trunks of their vehicles and pass candy out to children. Sounds creepy if it were any time other than Halloween, but it's wonderful. Our church held a trunk or treat after service on Sunday, so we did that one in the morning. Then, in the evening, the girls came with me to the trunk or treat at the church where I work and they go to school. It was so cold, low to mid-40's and we were standing around outside for about two hours. The girls were such troopers. They loved helping pass out candy and seeing every ones costumes. Of course, they loved receiving candy as well. 

 Today at school, we had our Halloween parties. The kids all wore their costumes, had a special snack and games and then we had a parade for parents and grandparents. Again, they received a ton of candy and loved every minute of the day, I am sure.
This evening, after Josh headed out for work, the girls and I started to walk up and down our block for trick or treating. We have a bunch of scrooges on our street and less  than half of the houses always have their porch lights off. Lillian and Claire would get so excited every time they noticed a light on and raced to push the doorbell first. Their sweet little voices saying "trick or treat" melts my heart each time. They had a ball. Luckily, tonight the weather was much warmer, low 60's, so we didn't have to worry about hat and mittens like over the weekend.

Now we have more candy in the house than I have any idea what to do with. After I took the girls trick or treated, we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house and by the time I made it back home all the little monsters and princesses were back home and no body came to our door. So not only do we have all of the girls candy they have collected, but also the candy we bought to hand out to those who came to our house. I guess it is time to start bulking up for the winter. ;-)

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