Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Raising them Right

On Monday in preschool, the girls teacher was reading them a book called, "Fall Mix Up." This is a silly book that discusses things that happen in the season of fall, but obviously mixes them up. One line in the book states, "hit a touchdown." Their teacher asked the class, "do you hit a touchdown?" Claire got really excited, threw her fist in the air and yelled, "Go Pack go!"
On Sunday after church, we were sitting at the table eating lunch, Claire said, "mommy, I want to watch go Pack go today." I told her that the Packers were playing a night game and wouldn't be on until much later. I also told her that they would have to go to bed shortly after the game started, so they wouldn't be able to watch the entire game. Claire was disappointed and asked if she could still watch some of the game. I told her yes and she was so excited.
I am certain that we are raising our girls right if they ask at only 3 years old to watch the Packers and they get so excited to hear anything about football.

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