Thursday, October 11, 2012


The past few years I have been making a calendar to hang on our fridge that has pictures from the past year. The girls love going through and seeing the pictures as we turn to a new month, I love seeing how much they have changed and grown in exactly 12 months. I make the calendar so that photos from last October show on October of this year and the same for every other month.
Of course, they girls like to look ahead and see all of the photos. They are also really excited for December because last year showed Santa and birthday fun. I also have the picture below of Lillian and Claire snuggled up together in their Tinker Bell jammies.

 Last night when getting the girls ready for bed, I asked them to pick out their jammies while I was getting their beds ready. Lillian was really excited when she saw Tinker Bell jammies in their drawer. She put them on right away and insisted Claire wear hers. Once they both were dressed, she pulled Claire and myself to the living room and asked me to take their picture. She wanted it to be just like the picture in the calendar. She was even trying to make the smirk Claire is making in the above photo when asking me to take their picture.
Now, they photo is not exactly the same since they are reversed, but they sure did enjoy the snuggles. Lillian needed to approve the photos to make sure they were what she had wanted. Goofy girl.

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